3 Sardinian Cities Worth a Visit

Sometime around 1,000 B.C. the Phoenicians began to visit the island of Sardinia, in the Mediterranean Sea off the western coast of Italy. But its history and proof of human habitation goes back much further – to the Paleolithic period, with settlements being founded in the Neolithic period (6,000 B.C.). With the juxtaposition of such impressive history, stunning natural landscapes and beaches, staying in a villa in Sardinia will enable you to travel to some of the island’s major cities and get a sense of the island as a whole. Why not visit Cagliari, Sassari and Porto Torres to experience all the island has to offer?
Cagliari – Located in the southern part of the island, Cagliari is going to be within easy reach of your villa in Sardinia. As the capital, Cagliari is a bustling city that boasts one of the largest ports in the Mediterranean Sea. It has a history that dates back to the founding of Karalis, an ancient Phoenician colony from the 7th century B.C. A stroll around the modern city will only serve to highlight the past, and while the buildings often showcase examples of Art Nuevo architecture, the main part of the ancient city, and the castle, gives a great view over the Gulf of Cagliari. Walk along the city walls, which are mostly intact, and view the two 13th century towers that preside over the old city, before heading down to the pristine white beaches to relax in the sun until it’s time to enjoy the city’s restaurants and nightlife.
Sassari – In the northwestern part of Sardinia, Sassari sits at a height of 225 metres above sea level, with a gentle slope that leads down to the beautifully blue waters of the Mediterranean. From wherever you book your villa in Sardinia, you can drive into Sassari and have the chance to see one of the oldest cities on the island. It has has an impressive collection villas near hoskote of art in the many and varied museums and galleries that dot the city. While you are in Sassari, take the time to visit the archaeological site of Monte d’Accoddi, a monument from the prehistoric times with a step-pyramid construction. Then stroll along the remains of the 13th century Pisan walls, where 6 of the original 36 towers still stand, and find your way to the ruins of the Castello di Sassari. Walk down the main street of the medieval town, the Corso Vittorio Emanuele, and take note of the gothic, baroque, and neoclassic styles of the buildings that coincide to the ages in which they were built.
Porto Torres – After a tiring day spent discovering the streets and history of Sassari, you may want to spend a rest day in your villa. In Sardinia, however, there is so much to do and see that you should plan to take a day to go into the city of Porto Torres, in the northwestern part of the island, to see one of the great, ancient Roman cities. While there, be sure to visit the ancient remains of the Roman bridge that once spanned the River Mannu, before heading to the 11th century Basilica of San Gavino. This is the largest Romanesque church in Sardinia and was built only using precious hard stones like marble and granite. After you cool off in the church, take a quick dive underground and explore the interesting, and sometimes creepy, catacombs at Tanca Borgona, before you head to the beach and bask in the Sardinian sunshine.

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