How to be healthy no matter your weight

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Living a healthy life is compulsory for everyone regardless of their age, social status, weight, likes and dislikes, faith, etc. If you have dreams of living long, living large, enjoying life, going from one place to the other, you have to be healthy. If you desire to spend more time with your spouse, get to the peak of your career, have adorable kids, you have to be healthy. Being healthy is tied to our successes in a lot of things. If you are not healthy in any form, there is a limit to what you can do. Hence, no matter your weight, here are ways to be healthy;

Eat a healthy diet
Most people do not understand that you are what you eat. You cannot be healthier than your foods; you cannot expect to eat synthesized foods all the time and have the same level of energy as someone who eats wholesome, natural foods. If you want to be healthy, cut down on the number of synthesized foods you eat. You can even remove them totally from your diet. If you eat junk foods a lot, this is the time to stop it. Include more vegetables and fruits in your diet. You can even munch on them as snacks during the day. Eat more carbohydrates- based foods, it will help you a lot. Replace saturated fats with unsaturated fats. Eat more of Lean protein such as lean fish, lean meat, etc. Cut down on the amount of red meat you eat and go for more homecooked meals. Be innovative and creative with your foods so that you will not get tired of them. Control your portions, it is advisable to eat small portions regularly during the day than to eat a big portion of food at once. Drink more of healthy liquids such as clean water, fruit juices, etc.

Get enough exercise
Never doubt the importance of exercise in keeping you healthy. As much as you eat and drink right, you need to work out regularly. Exercise helps to improve the circulation of blood in your body, so you are at lesser risk of having a dead body part. Also, exercise helps you to burn excess kilojoules, strengthen your bones and improve your muscle mass. Also, it is your best bet for keeping fit physically. Besides, you also get to build nonmaterial qualities such as discipline, endurance, strength, toughness, etc, that you can easily translate to your successes in other aspects of your life. To make the most of your workouts, try joining a local community or signing up for gym classes. You will be upbeat about exercising always because your peers will encourage you. You can also use the opportunity to increase your social circle. Healthy products and diet routines are vital if you want to enjoy a healthy life no matter what your weight is.

Practise safe sex
Sex is the fastest means through which people contact diseases that cut short their life, cut short their vivacity and makes them a shadow of their bustling, robust self. Having sex is no crime but it is when you do not do it wisely. If you cannot abstain from having sex, try getting a partner for it exclusively. Do not share sex partners, and do not make yourself one either. Before any sexual experience with your partner, protect yourself by using condoms. If you are not sure of your partner’s faithfulness, kindly request you both go see the doctor to get examined. Sexually transmitted diseases are not sympathetic, your best bet is to avoid them by all means. If you do get them, get the required treatment as soon as possible.

Practise healthy habits
No matter how much you exercise or how healthy you eat, some habits will always put you down. For instance, if you consume too much alcohol or smoke in excess, you are at the risk of major lung diseases. If you eat too much, you are at the risk of becoming obese. If you overwork yourself and do not get proper rest, you are the risk of breaking down regularly and wearing your body out. Healthy habits are broad, they cover every aspect of our lives. From getting enough rest to dealing with stress to ensuring our mental health is in shape always! Healthy living also requires that you stay in only safe relationships and leave the toxic ones. It demands that you live in an environment conducive for you, and get out of anything that may bring you undue stress or put you under undue pressure.