Interesting facts about engineered oak flooring

Out of all the types of engineered wood flooring options available today, oak is often the most favored choice. If you’ve been considering getting engineered oak flooring for a while now, you might be interested to know some fascinating facts about the engineered oak floors.

Like any other engineered wood floors, engineered oak floors are real wood floors design using three or more layers of different wood veneers, and the grain of each layer of the wood runs in different directions. Only the first layer is made of oak, while the other layers are made from plywood, high-density fiberboard, or medium-density fiberboard.

That said, the engineered oak floors are more stable and resistant to humidity and temperature fluctuations compared to solid wood flooring. Because of the clever way engineered oak flooring is constructed, it can be fitted in rooms where solid oak flooring would not normally be recommended, such as kitchens and bathrooms. Also, thanks to the construction of engineered oak floors, there is no issue fitting them over underfloor heating.

These properties of engineered oak made them one of the most requested wooden floors these days. Due to its popularity, engineered oak wood flooring comes with many options. You can choose everything about your oak floors from a vast variety of colors and grades to planks width and thickness, the number of layers of veneers to the installation method of oak floors. All in all, if you’re thinking about upgrading your home, engineered oak flooring is a great choice that comes with a long list of exceptional benefits.