Tips for Buying a Quality Quilt

When purchasing homemade quilts, the consumer should consider how it will be used. Some quilts are designed for decorative purpose only. They are used on beds, sofas, chairs or hung on the wall. Often lightweight quilts are used as throws or covers when sitting or working. Many quilts are used on beds for warmth and bed spreads.

Customers that purchase a quilt that will be used often should make sure it is machine washable. There are many places to purchase quilts from craft shops, specialty stores, craft fairs, and antique markets. Some are hand stitched and other sewn by machine.

Hand crafted quilts are more expensive because they are cut and stitched by hand. Machine made quilts are good quality and take considerable time to complete. Quilts make great gifts and last for years. They can be handed down from generation to generation.

When you want to use them for decorative purposes drape them on a quilt rack, chair or sofa. Hang quilts on the wall using a quilt rack. Try to keep them out of direct sun. They can be machine washed or professionally dry cleaned.

Types of Quilts to Consider

Amish quilts are a popular style and consumers began to want old Amish quilt in the 1970’s. These quilts are simple and made by people that lead a simple life. It was an art with a purpose. Amish quilt come in many designs and styles.

Appliqued quilts are made by cutting and sewing shapes into the background of the quilt. This is done by hand or machine. The quilter often draws the shape. It can be circles, hearts, squares, triangles and other shapes. Quilters use solid and patterned colors for this quilt. This technique was practiced in colonial times.

Argyle quilts are made by using a diamond design. Often dozens of pieces are cut to form a triple diamond pattern. They are popular quilts and are designed using many colors and designs. The fabric chosen for the back-layer coordinates with the top colors. They can be used as a bed spreads or decorative pieces to hang.

Eureka quilts use material and shapes to form a star pattern in the center of the quilt. The pattern is complicated and requires more work to make than some quilts. They make decorative bedspreads or decorative pieces. Some quilts focus on on pattern or shape like heart and stars. Quilting involves drawing, cutting and piecing together and sewing many pieces.

The Log Cabin quilt is a popular pattern that reflects the values of the US. It is simple to construct for experienced quilt makers. It is made of strips that are light in color on one side and dark on the other. The strips show the sunny and shady side of the cabin. There is a center square known as a hearth. They started making these quilts in the 1860’s.

Other patterns to consider are Marine’s compass and Bargello Flame Quilt. When purchasing a quilt think about the colors and patterns to match your decor. Some quilts are decorative and made to be wall hangings. They range in price and size.

There are twin quilts that fit twin beds, queen and king-sized quilts that make an attractive edition for you home. Throw quilts make a great way to keep warm at night or during the day while watching TV, reading, or working on crafts.