Things to consider before hiring a Fence Company

Many homeowners wisely shy away from the task of fence uilding to the professionals. After all, it can be quite a bit of work. But just like any tradesmen, fence contractors too do have their particular quirks and culture.

What exactly happens when you get a fence company to build a fence for you though? 

It is not always smooth sailing all the way.

Typically, the fence company you contract with will come in and do a walkthrough of the property before even laying down a foundation for the fence to be built on. This allows them to make sure the foundation of the fence will hold up to all the pressure that is placed on it. They may also check the utilities’ lines to make sure they will not get damaged as well. If all looks good, the installation team will head out to where the work is going to start and begin laying the foundation.

Most new fence companies start with just two utility lines. One going to the building company and one to the home owner. It is not uncommon though to find that there will be more than two utility lines to use. If this is the case, then the builder may ask to come back and build a third line of extension so that all three utility lines can be connected. In some states, though, you are not allowed to build more than three utility lines, so always ask before installing your fence.

Once the foundation is done, the fencing will be attached to it. Contractors will use welding equipment to attach the various components of the fencing together. There are a number of different types of metal that are used to construct fences, so it is important that you select the one that suits your taste best. Ask the fence company you choose which ones they recommend.

Once the foundation is completed and wiring is put in place, the fence company will start installing the various components of your fence. Most require attaching boards to posts. The height of the fences will vary and the number of poles may increase as well. In most cases, you can expect to have between three and eight feet of chain link between the boards and posts of the fence.

The installation can take up to a week, but it could be longer depending on the size of the project and the number of obstacles you have to put up with. Fence Companies Denver Co have experts in the industry who have years of experience installing all types of fences. You can trust them to deliver high quality workmanship every time.