How to Use Mural Wallpaper for Instant Wellbeing At Home

How to Use Mural Wallpaper for Instant Wellbeing At Home

Ever Wallpaper mural of a forest covered in mist behind a modern cream sofa  and a white marble coffee table

Mural wallpaper is a quick, easy and impactful way to bring nature into your home and to capitalise on all the wellbeing benefits that come from inviting nature indoors. As humans, we have an innate biological need to feel connected to nature. We know that biophilia in design has distinctive benefits for our physical wellbeing and our mental health as shown in the many scientific studies that have been conducted over the past few decades.

Reports show that when we spend time in nature, we are calmer and less stressed as our cortisol levels decrease. It also reduces tension, anxiety, anger and confusion. We have lower blood pressure and heart rate. We feel mentally and emotionally restored and less fatigued. And spending time in nature has also been proven to speed up healing.

However, bringing nature into our homes in a way that can trigger these benefits isn’t always easy, particularly if we live in urban locations and don’t have immediate access to views of nature. This is where mural wallpaper comes in.

Forest Mural Wallpaper

Ever Wallpaper mural of a forest covered in mist behind a minimalist white sofa  and a grey pouffe

The forest is one of my favourite places to spend time in nature. I found my stay in the forest at Wildwood Spa to be the most rejuvenating experience I have had in a long while. There is just something so calming and soothing about the trees and also about the colour green, which is my favourite colour for my home. Whilst I do have forest views from my home, I can only see them from the kitchen when I’m stood at the sink or from the girls’ bedroom. I have to make a concerted effort to stand at the window to actually see the forest views.

Ever Wallpaper mural of a forest behind a modern white sofa  and a grey stone coffee table

Wallpaper murals of the forest allow you to bring that feeling of being immersed in the forest right into your home. Forest bathing has become increasingly popular in recent years. Shinrin Yoku as the practice is called in Japan is a process of relaxation amongst the trees, observing nature and breathing deeply. It has been shown to have the same wellbeing benefits mentioned above. So it makes sense that forest wallpaper murals at home would have a similar outcome.

Ever Wallpaper mural of a forest behind a rattan sideboard, a rattan chair and a round wooden coffee table

I don’t know about you but I feel an immediate sense of calm looking at these forest wallpaper murals and I think this may well be what replaces the palm wallpaper in my living room next year.

Cloud Wallpaper Murals

Ever Wallpaper mural of dramatic rocks and clouds behind a minimalist grey sofa and a round stone coffee table

Cloud wallpaper murals are another great way of bringing nature into the home. One of the principles of biophilic design is exposure to non-rhythmic sensory stimuli. This could be an unpredictable movement that we might catch in our peripheral vision, such as a brief moment of cloud movement. So having a wallpaper mural that hints at cloud movement is a good way of depicting this natural process even if no movement is actually present.

Ever Wallpaper mural of mountains covered in trees behind a modern dining table with green velvet chairs with gold legs.

Floral Mural Wallpaper

Ever Wallpaper mural of hanging vine leaves and white flowers behind a brown leather sofa and a round black metal coffee table

Plants and botanicals are what we naturally think of when it comes to biophilic design. Plants are proven to have mood-boosting properties so incorporating them into our homes is always a good idea. However, if you aren’t blessed with green fingers and struggle to keep plants alive, floral mural wallpaper is a great alternative. You can still surround yourself with plants and flowers but without the heavy burden of caring for them. All the benefits without the drawbacks!

Floral wall mural from Ever Wallpaper in a hallway going up the stairs

If you are lucky enough to have thriving plant babies, dot them around the room in front of or near your floral wall mural to heighten the plant experience and maximise the visual impact. Who doesn’t love a jungle in the living room?

Floral wall mural from Ever Wallpaper behind a brown leather sofa and chair and two small round coffee tables

Mountains Mural Wallpaper

A wall mural featuring mountains and a body of water from Ever Wallpaper behind a modern cream sofa a small round rattan coffee table

Mountains are also a great option if you are trying to apply the principles of biophilic design at home. Introducing prospect simply means that a space has an unimpeded, elevated view over a distance. As humans, we look for these conditions for surveillance and planning reasons. We like spaces that feel open and free, and that have a sense of safety and control. We like views that include mountains, trees and bodies of water. The wallpaper mural above from Ever Wallpaper features all three.

Wall mural depicting mountains behind a minimalist grey sofa and stone coffee table

Wallpaper Murals Featuring Water

Wallpaper mural of reflections on rippling water behind a minimalist grey sofa and wooden coffee table

Talking of bodies of water, these wallpaper murals that feature images of water also fit the bill. Being in the presence of water adds to the biophilic experience. As humans, we like being near water because it has again been proven to reduce stress, increase feelings of tranquillity, lower heart rate and blood pressure, and elicit a higher restorative response. Often times, when we go on holiday we like to spend time on the coast or near lakes and rivers because we know and understand the restorative powers of water.

wallpaper mural showing an image of a cottage surrounded by rocks by a lake.

Why Choose Mural Wallpaper?

Mural Wallpapers add a rich and vibrant touch to almost any space or room. They are a creative way to draw attention to a focal point in a room. They are also a quick and easy way to add personality and sophistication to your room.

Murals can be used in any room of the home, wherever you have empty walls. Consider using wallpaper murals to create a biophilic home office or a biophilic kitchen for example. Using murals in these unexpected spaces can have maximum impact.

And the great thing about custom wallpaper murals, apart from the fact that it is an easy way to add colour and texture to a room, is that they are easy to put up and take down again if you change your mind. It is a minimal commitment for a maximum effect.

What do you think? Are you a fan of wallpaper murals? Have you got one in your home? And if you had to choose an image inspired by nature, what would you choose? Let me know in the comments below.

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