How To Add Color To Your Gray Interiors — DESIGNED


I’m sharing 3 color schemes today that work well to bring some life to a gray or cool toned interior.

A lot of people are over the gray look that has been popular for so long. Home design trends are definitely moving to warmer color schemes.

(Not the muddy gold tone Tuscan look of the early 2000’s though. If you still have that look, don’t think it is coming back anytime soon! 🙂

So what colors work well with your gray color scheme? What color can help make this palette more vibrant and unique, without changing it all up?

If you went all gray and white then don’t despair because that is an EASY palette to work with to add color. It’s clear, clean and basically the perfect background to lay on the accents.

I’ve got 3 bold palettes here for you to peruse today, just to give you some ideas of how you can color up your gray home!

Gray with Lemon Yellow Color Palette

Is there anything that says spring more than yellow? I think not. And this citrusy version goes so well with all the grays.

Imagine a kitchen with medium gray cabinets, some off-white/grayish tile on the floor, a white marble look white/gray quartz countertop and white subway tile. Pretty typical of what everyone has been doing in the last 10 years, right?

Well, how about leaving all those hard surfaces alone except for the backsplash?

Add in a colorful tile, reupholster the bar stools or breakfast room seat cushions, and add a kitchen window fabric shade in a pattern and color that works with the splash. You will have a whole new look and it looks colorful!

Here’s a combination that will look fresh and bright for years to come. This yellow is a wonderful accent for a gray palette.


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