Filling the Professional Rental Market Niche with Derick Daly

The last time the Spy spoke with Derick Daly, our theme was to celebrate his unique role in the world of Eastern Shore entrepreneurs. While Derick was perhaps best known to the Mid-Shore as the co-founder of the highly successful BAAM afterschool program for young African-American boys (and now girls) in Easton, in truth, Derick and his family had five or six different enterprises, from construction to affordable housing projects, all of whom interconnected in their financial support of Polaris Village Ministries, the philanthropic parent of all these businesses.

Perhaps the most surprising was Aspire Daly, Inc. Dedicated to developing high-end residential rental properties, Aspire was formed with a few other private investors to design and build a 150-unit complex on the east side of Route 50 in Easton.

There are a few things that make this project unique. The first and the most obvious is that this development targets young professionals in the area who can’t find high-quality rental properties close to where they work. The second is how Derick and his team have envisioned a project that takes full advantage of its 63 acres for hiking trails, nature paths and open space by only developing 13 of those acres for housing. And finally, it is a project specifically designed to provide much-needed funding to BAAM, the Polaris Academy education center, and a host of other programs aimed at helping the community’s most at-risk young people and their families.

The Spy sat down with Derick a few weeks ago to discuss the Daly Estates project.

This video is approximately five minutes in length. For more information about Aspire Daly please go here.