Designed to return to the Earth


**AD – PR GIFT **

After a long hunt for an air purifier for our home and no purchase yet made, we were kindly gifted the new briiv air filter. briiv is designed to return to the Earth once no longer needed. It’s clever and eco-conscious design is effective at cleaning the air we breathe, without a high environmental impact.

I really wanted to try briiv as we have an open plan living, dining and cooking space (regularly cooking both at lunchtime and in the evening), we are usually both working from home – with cats prowling around and me packing orders in the studio (cardboard, string fibres and recycled paper dust) for our online store. So . . . dust particles and more are in abundance.

We decided trying out briiv would be the perfect choice for us as it uses 90% natural and renewable materials, making briiv is the most sustainable air filter. Designed to create safe, clean homes, using the power of plants. Good air quality means better sleep, higher energy levels, and improved cognitive function. At 44, yes, please!

Having gotten used to the sound of a dehumidifier (we are on a damp cliff top here), we are not bothered by the sound when the briiv is running (on level one you can barely hear it) although on full pelt it is quite noisy. We find level 2-3 plenty for keeping our smallish home and rooms feeling fresh and a happy medium on the energy use front, what with everything going on here energy-wise in the UK!Fun things –

1 briiv = 3,043 houseplants! Pollutants and particles are released every time we cook, use cleaning products and play with our pets. By removing these with an air purifier you can make sure the unseen environment in your home is filled with fresh air and feeling healthy. They have taken nature and given it a boost – briiv is as powerful as 3,043 medium size houseplants. So everyone can enjoy the benefits of having plants in their home without forgetting to water them, or just tuck the unit in amongst your green menagerie as we have!

2 Air is pulled through 3 layers, each one specially designed to capture air particles. Large particles are captured by moss and coconut and the fine matrix filter captures the really small particles. Nature with a touch of science giving us everything we need to filter the air we breathe.

3 briiv uses Biodegradable filters, 5V Low Energy, 90% Natural Materials and smart Phone compatibility (if you are a tech lover).

4 Instead of opting for oil-based plastics, briiv uses a new bio-plastic derived from elephant grass, which is grown where agricultural crops can’t be. This crop captures carbon in the process and fully biodegrades. By supporting products like this, you are preventing thousands of tonnes of plastic from ever being produced.

5 It’s quite a beauty! Natural colours from the glass, coconut and the beautiful green moss with a speaker-like look forming the base.So far so good, we feel our air quality has definitely improved, love the look (not just another white goods purchase), the eco-credentials and the portability. Also being light and small in size (briiv is just 16cm x 23 cm) we can leave the briiv running in the kitchen in the evenings for a few hours to clear cooking smells and move it to the bedroom for a couple of hours in the mornings to freshen the air and clear the dust there too.

So if you have also been looking for an air purifier, do hop over to the briiv website to have a read and see for yourself. Wishing you a happy fresh air filled spring.


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