Brabantia: Delicious baking made easy

Brabantia: Delicious baking made easy

You don’t have to be a professional pastry chef, chocolatier or high tea hero to conjure miracles with butter, sugar and flour. – With the right kitchen tools, even the biggest ‘bungler’ will bake the tastiest and most beautiful cupcakes and cheesecakes.


Are you going to bake a cake, pie, muffins or cupcakes? Then you definitely need baking pans and cake tins. Buy different sizes and types, such as round springforms and rectangular baking pans.


If you are going to make muffins, cupcakes or other small pastries, a muffin pan with a non-stick coating is essential.

Tip: when you make a lot of cakes of different sizes and shapes, a set of cake tins is indispensable.


For how many people are you going to prepare something tasty? Mixing bowls in different sizes are nice to have. Preferably because you don’t always do the same amount of baking.


To measure is to know Measuring also means a successful baking project. Weigh all your baking ingredients up to the milligrams with a kitchen scale with multiple weighing units.


Mixing, whisking… How do you make the perfect batter, dough or the nicest sauce? With a whisk of course! Tip: make sure you have the right size with the right mixing bowl.


It’s a tricky job, removing bits of batter or dough from a pan, bowl or cake tin. Luckily, there’s thebaking spatula. Tip: a baking spatula is also perfect for decorating cakes and pies.


Grease your baking pans and cake tins with butter or oil using abasting brush.


Underestimated, but just as important: a sieve is perfect for sifting powdered sugar or cocoa over your baking. Or dusting cake tins and pans or surfaces with flour.



The final must-have of all the baking utensils, a cake lifter. Because we know you will sample all that goodness… Ideal: a cake lifter with a handy cutting edge, so the cake can be sliced immediately.


If you don’t bake that often, but you want the basic baking utensils on hand, go for the ‘starter kit‘, a handy set with whisk, baking spatula, basting brush and mixing bowl!

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