Best Exterior Paint Colors to Sell Your House for $20,000+ More!


Curb appeal does play a role in whether a buyer puts an offer in on a home. Accents can add charm to a house, but they can also scare people away. Bold and bright colors can appeal to some people’s palates, but the safer option is to choose a neutral color. Bold colors can limit the number of people that come to look at a property, and the idea is to have more people touring the house, not less.

Black is becoming a very popular accent color. It can make a house pop and stand out while still giving off a warm and welcoming feel. Black accents look terrific on modern, contemporary, and farmhouse-style houses. It looks great with brick, stone, and woodwork around the house. Black trim on a house painted with Useful Gray SW 7050, which has blue undertones, can elevate a home to the next level. Black is not the best exterior paint color to sell a house, but it is a terrific accent color.

Accents are a great way to bring the spotlight to a house’s best attributes. It is important to be mindful of the attributes that should be accentuated. For instance, it would not make sense to paint the gutters cherry red. Gutters are a wonderful thing to have on a house, but that is not the first place a buyer’s attention should be drawn to. 

Light-colored shutters can make a house look more inviting and open. Front and garage doors are amazing pieces that should be accentuated on a house. Many homebuyers prefer a house with a garage and by painting the garage door an accent color their eyes will be immediately drawn to that feature.

Sherwin Williams has a photo gallery of accents. This is a nice tool to help visualize some of the different options and color combinations out there. The biggest thing to remember when choosing an accent color is to pick something neutral. Some of these photos have bold combinations that may not appeal to many palates. The Mr. Happy House team is another tool that should be utilized when trying to figure out what color to accent a house. They have painted many houses and they know what color combinations work well together. They also know how to bring out a house’s character and charm through accents.


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