Aosom Elite II Review

Aosom’s strategy seems to focus on affordable yet established trailers, and Aosom Elite II -Wheel Bicycle Large Cargo certainly fits that criteria. We used and abused this trailer extensively around town, and although it rattled like a diamondback wrestling a mongoose, it performed well. The two-wheel box trailer design advertises a large bike cargo space and a capacity of 88 pounds, which we tested to and above that limit. Except for the fabric side structures colliding with the wheels during an overload, this trailer seemed to take the excess very well.

If you’re looking for something substantial but not too expensive, the Aosom Elite II -Wheel Bicycle Large Cargo is a viable option. While it does have certain disadvantages, it may be the ideal partner, depending on your requirements.

Comparison of Performance

Oh, the sheet metal siding, the rolls of horse stall rubber, and the mounds of empty beer cans! The Elite II hauled everything we threw at it, even when we surpassed the 88-pound weight limit.


The Elite II is one of the biggest trailers we examined, and as a result, it was capable of hauling a substantial amount of bike cargo. Indeed, the huge cargo bed is one of the trailer’s attractions. Although it does not have the same weight rating as some larger trailers, 88 pounds isn’t bad. Have you ever attempted to ride a bike while carrying 88 pounds? In actuality, this is an adequate amount of capacity.

Easy to use:

In general, the Elite II was simple to use. Assembly took no more than ten or fifteen minutes, not counting the time spent filling up the flat tires. The hitching mechanisms, as well as the backup strap, are self-explanatory.

Towing Ease

When unloaded, this trailer zips ahead and smartly alerts people to your approach by rattling so loudly that they leap off the route – this also saves you from having to purchase one of those adorable bike bells! The Elite II pulls nicely for a trailer that weighs as much as this one does when empty, and the rattling was our only significant complaint.

When fully loaded, the spring-loaded hitch sagged and pulled on our motorcycle, certainly more than any other hitch we tested. While the spring hitch seems to absorb bumps while the trailer is lightly loaded, it becomes bothersome when it is fully loaded, as you can feel it exerting strange pressures on the bike cargo.   


The sheer size of this trailer significantly increased its adaptability. You could load a bike trailer with almost anything, including groceries, coolers, fishing equipment, or, as in our case, mountains of rubbish. If you’re looking for a trailer for long-distance touring or something that can glide effortlessly downs a single-track route, this is not the trailer for you. Bringing the Elite II on a bike trip would be comparable to getting civil war cannon to a knife battle.


The Elite II is a reasonable price in comparison to so many others. It has a large load capacity and worked well throughout our testing. It is an excellent pick, even if you only needed a trailer that could be banged about the town without jeopardizing your finer trailer. As with Bowser in Mario Cart, the Elite takes longer to accelerate and does not corner as quickly as Princess, but it can carry many items. By alone, the cost-to-capacity ratio makes this trailer an excellent bargain.

A Buyer’s Guide to Choosing the Best Bike Cargo Rack

Which kind of bike cargo rack is best for you will depend on your individual use case; just as which type of bike is best for you will depend on your specific use case. Keep the following factors in mind to get the most out of your shopping experience. Consider the following characteristics when shopping for a bike baggage rack.

Type of installation

First, consider if a bike cargo rack is a good fit for your car. With so many options (hitch, roof, trunk, and pad), you must select one that suits the style of your car. It is an essential step in picking the ideal bike rack for you. When driving a hatchback without a hitch, accessories such as hitch mounting racks and tailgate padding are out of the question. You’ll need to narrow your search to just roof racks or trunk racks compatible with your car.

Slots for Bikes

Most bicycle rack manufacturers design systems that can accommodate between two and four bicycles. If you want to cycle with your whole family, you should look for a rack with many rooms. Tailgate pads are quite big, with enough for up to seven bicycles.

Utilization Ease

It’s also critical to evaluate how simple the rack will operate. Avoid buying a bike rack that will cause you headaches every time you attempt to place your bike cargo on it. Simplicity is always the wisest course of action.


Some racks are simpler to use and install depending on their design than others. Entering your vehicle’s trunk with a trunk-mounted rack may be uncomfortable and time-consuming. A hitch rack is not a problem since it enables you to angle the bikes down, freeing up valuable trunk room. Consider how often you’ll use your bike rack and choose the handiest kind.

Durability and Stability

It is one of the most critical aspects to monitor. You’ll want a solid rack to secure the bike while you work. On a congested street, the last thing you need is a wobbling bicycle! Another critical issue to consider is the product’s durability. It would help if you had a rack that would endure for an extended time. Consequently, look for a model that is created with durable materials.

Points of Security

If you want to keep your bike in top shape, you’ll need a bike rack with cushioned security points. It will assist you in avoiding scratching or damaging your motorbike.

Cables for Locking

The locking wires are either built into the racks or are offered as an option. They may be made of fabric, plastic, or metal. Invest in durable, heavy-duty locking cables to minimize the possibility of your bike being stolen.


The rear racks should be as light as possible to avoid adding additional weight to the bike to get the most excellent performance.


Another factor to consider while choosing the best back bike rack is the material, which contributes to the bike rack’s strength, weight, carrying capacity, and lifetime. Aluminum is a lightweight material that is ideal for bicycle rear racks.

Pricing and Ratings

The price, rating, and reviews of the products should all be considered. It is crucial while deciding what to buy since a high-quality product will be reasonably priced. The reviews and ratings aid you in determining the relative merits of various things. Customers who have purchased and used these goods have left valuable comments and reviews on the product’s website.


When selecting a rear rack for your bicycle, it is essential to evaluate the material used to construct the rack. The architecture of the rack influences its weight-bearing capabilities as well as its total weight. If the rack is made correctly, it will be easy to install, operate, and lightweight, making it comfortable to transport. The bulk of the items mentioned above is aluminum, making them light and giving a high weight-bearing capability relative to their size. When purchasing a rear rack, keep the following points in mind.


The Aosom Elite II -Wheel Bicycle Large Cargo is an excellent value for someone wishing to transport items about on their bike cargo. We have many complaints about this trailer, including its empty weight, constant rattling, and handling when fully loaded. Apart from that, this trailer will do almost whatever you ask of it throughout town, and despite our attempts to destroy it, it continues to function.