Aero Tiny by The Tiny House Guys

The Tiny House Guys recently spent over six weeks transforming the fuselage of a decommissioned Dash 8 turboprop plane into a sustainable tiny home. “We removed the seats to allow for more room, but managed to keep the main door and working emergency exit window, as well as the main shape,” father and son duo Rick and Mitch Keel explain.

They gave the grounded plane an off-grid update by affixing it to a trailer, adding solar panels, attaching a bathroom with a shower, and installing a kitchenette with storage. Sliding glass doors at the rear of the home open onto a collapsable viewing deck that expands the livable space of the compact cabin. 

Aero Tiny is a converted Dash 8 airplane fuselage equipped with off-grid essential like solar power, water storage and pumps, a toilet, and a patio.

A bathroom with a toilet, sink, and shower is attached to the side of the home. 

Aero Tiny sits on a rugged trailer, and it can be set up anywhere a car or truck can travel. 

While the home’s rear resembles a rugged camper, the front maintains the plane’s streamlined charm. Portholes on the curved facade feature decals and instructions in red lettering, and a fold-out, illuminated staircase drops down to meet the runway, gravel, dirt, or lawn.

After the plane had flown its last route, the fuselage was used to train cabin crews. “Originally it was on a stand set high enough for the door to open to the correct height, so during construction of the trailer we ensured the same door height was achieved to allow correct door function,” say The Tiny House Guys.

At the rear is a collapsable deck that adds outdoor space to the tiny home.

The interiors have been gutted to maximize space, while overhead bins, a cabin crew seat, and original signage maintain the plane’s character.

A collapsable, wall-mounted table adds a dining area, while original portholes provide a view of the outdoors. 

A view from the entryway shows the layout—including a kitchen with storage, a dining table, a bathroom, and sliding glass doors that lead to the deck.

The Tiny House Guys maintained elements like the door lever. 

An original exit sign is illuminated above the doorway.

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