A Kitchen Design Detail I’m Secretly Loving


kitchen plate rack

If you’re renovating your kitchen and you’re looking for a unique way to store your dishes allow me to (re)introduce you to the plate rack. It’s an old design feature that I’m seeing pop up more and more these days and, to be completely honest, I’m not so secretly loving it. Incorporating a plate rack into your kitchen designs feels both charming and thoughtful, and I love the old world vibe it instantly brings. And though it’s becoming more and more popular as of late, the fact that it’s rooted in ancient history will help ensure it’ll feel timeless for decades to come. It’s a detail I’m loving, and here are a few great plate rack examples in action… CHECK OUT THE OTHER DESIGN IDEAS THAT ARE INSPIRING ME RIGHT HERE CHECK OUT THE OTHER DESIGN IDEAS  THAT ARE INSPIRING ME RIGHT HERE 1) Design: Heidi Callier | Photo: Haris Kenjar 2) Photo: Seeking Lavender Lane  3) Photo: Farrow & Ball 4) Design: Heidi Callier | Photo: Haris Kenjar 5) Design: G.P. Schafer Architect

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