30 gross problems around your house that can be fixed for under $30

Having a clean home can help make your space feel nicer — but I’m not just talking about keeping your floors swept. There are tons of gross-but-common problems around the house that you might be overlooking. Luckily, many of these problems can be fixed with help from some useful products found on Amazon.

For example, your shower tiles may be spotless — but are the ledges filled with shampoo and soap bottles? If so, a wall-mounted dispenser can help clear away some of that clutter. Or, if your toilet plunger is sitting out in plain sight, opting for a hideaway caddy can help make things seem cleaner. There are also miniature trash cans for your counters, lazy Susans for overflowing cabinets, and even a mildew-proof shower liner — all for less than $30 each.

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Problem: Your dish sponge is sitting in a soggy puddle

Solution: Keeping it elevated in this sponge holder

Not only does this sponge holder help your sponge dry faster by allowing air to circulate underneath it, but it also just plain looks good. It’s made from sleek, high-quality ceramic porcelain that’s basically guaranteed to look good sitting out on your counters. Plus, it even comes in two styles: embossed or farmhouse.


Problem: Your shower is cluttered with soap & shampoo bottles

Solution: Transferring them into this stylish dispenser

If your shower has devolved into a mess of shampoo and soap bottles, consider downsizing with this stylish dispenser. Three separate chambers give you room for shampoo, conditioner, as well as body wash. And since it’s made from tough ABS, there’s no need to worry about it rusting over time.


Problem: You keep forgetting to re-cap your toothpaste

Solution: Replacing it with this squeeze-friendly option

Swap out your toothpaste cap with this squeeze-friendly lid, and you’ll no longer have to worry about losing the cap — or even putting it back on once you’ve finished brushing your teeth. Not only does it seal itself shut once you’ve squeeze out some toothpaste, but it’s also great for helping cut down on mess.


Problem: Mildew is growing along the bottom of your shower curtain

Solution: Making the switch over to this mildew-proof liner

Not all shower curtain liners are the same: This one is mildew-proof and topped with rustproof metal grommets that shouldn’t corrode over time. And if it ever gets a little grimy? Simply grab a rag and give it a gentle wipe-down with some soapy water. Choose from three colors: white, frosted, or clear.


Problem: Water rings are forming inside your toilet bowl

Solution: Scrubbing them away using this pumice stone

When your toilet scrubber isn’t having any effect on those unsightly water rings, it might be time to bust out this pumice stone. It easily removes all sorts of hard water stains, from iron deposits to limescale. Plus, it’s completely odorless, chemical-free, and features a heavy-duty plastic handle so that your hands have somewhere comfortable to grip.


Problem: Your toilet plunger is sitting out in plain sight

Solution: Upgrading to this caddy that keeps it hidden

Even if your plunger is clean right now doesn’t mean it’ll be clean later, so why not keep it hidden from sight inside of this hideaway caddy? It automatically springs open when you lift the plunger out, then seals itself shut when you put it back inside. Each order comes with a plunger included, and the caddy even comes in two colors: black or white.


Problem: Your bath mat takes forever to dry out

Solution: This stylish bamboo option that dries incredibly quickly

Since this bamboo bath mat features a water-resistant top coat and aerated gaps throughout, you shouldn’t have to worry about it turning into a soggy mess on your bathroom floor. Rubber pads on the back help keep it from shifting around underneath your feet, and you can even fold it up for easy storage if you ever decide to swap it out.


Problem: Those washcloths seem to stay wet forever

Solution: Hanging them up on these little hooks

Add these little hooks to your bathroom, and you’ll instantly have a convenient place to hang wet washcloths. Installation is as easy as sticking them right into place using the included adhesive — or, you can use the included screws for a more permanent fixture. Buy them in packs of three, six, or nine.


Problem: Food & drink scraps are dirtying up your counters

Solution: Tossing them into this handy countertop trash can

Saving cleanup until after you’ve finished eating dinner means you’ll probably have a ton of mess to deal with — but with this countertop trash can, you can clean up as you go, leaving you with fewer things to clean at the end of the night. Its swing-top lid keeps the garbage hidden out of sight, and the brushed stainless steel exterior is even fingerprint-resistant. “Looks stylish and is just what I needed for small items,” wrote one reviewer.


Problem: Wet bars of soap are disintegrating on your counters

Solution: Storing them inside of these self-draining dishes

Letting your bars of soap sit in a puddle of their own water will probably cause them to disintegrate faster, so why not keep them inside of these self-draining dishes instead? The raised slats keep your bars lifted away from any pooling water, while a small channel down the front allows it to drain away into your sink. Plus, the nonslip tabs at every corner help keep it in place.


Problem: Saucy stirrers are leaving drips on your clean counters

Solution: Placing stirrers on this helpful utensil rest

Not only does this utensil rest have room for up to four stirrers, but it also features an extra-large drip pad to catch any liquids that might slide off your spoons, ladles, and more. It’s made from heat-resistant silicone that can handle being placed near your stove — and once it gets too dirty to use, simply give it a quick rinse in the sink to clean it off.


Problem: Those dusty fan blades are too tall for you to reach

Solution: Using this telescopic duster to clean them off

Able to extend out to a whopping 47 inches, this telescopic duster makes it easy to reach far-away ceiling fans, tall shelves, and more. The extra-large head is made from microfiber, which latches onto dust and dirt until you’re ready to shake it clean. One reviewer even wrote that it “retains a lot of dirt” and that “nothing falls onto the floor.”


Problem: Your housemates keep mixing dirty dishes in with the clean ones

Solution: Sticking this clean & dirty magnet to the front of the dishwasher

Living with roommates can help you save money, but it also comes with its little quirks — like when one of your housemates keeps mixing dirty dishes in with the clean ones. Luckily, this magnet helps eliminate any doubt as to whether the dishwasher is dirty or clean. And if the front of your washer isn’t magnetic, each order also comes with a stick-on magnetic pad so that you can still use it.


Problem: Water keeps leaking from your shower onto your floors

Solution: Swapping out that old door seal with this brand-new one

If your shower keeps leaking onto your bathroom floors, the problem might be the seal on the bottom of your shower door. Not only is this replacement seal available for less than $25, but it also clips right into place with a gentle press. It’s designed to work with any standard-sized door — though you can also trim it to fit smaller doors if need be.


Problem: Your cabinet is cluttered with old spice bottles

Solution: Putting them on top of this lazy Susan

Add this lazy Susan to any cluttered cabinet, and it’ll help you reach any items stashed in the back with a simple spin. The sleek bamboo frame is decorative, while two tiers give you double the storage space. “The added design feature of the raised rim secures items and keeps them from sliding off the shelf,” wrote one reviewer. They continued, “Good value for the price.”


Problem: Loose pieces of produce are rolling around your fridge

Solution: Storing them inside this helpful bin

Lemons, apples, pears, tomatoes — regardless of what produce you’ve got rolling around your fridge, this bin is a smart way to keep them organized. The built-in handles make it easy to pull them in and out of your fridge, while the transparent plastic walls let you see what’s inside without having to unpack anything. Plus, it’s even completely BPA-free.


Problem: Invisible pet stains are leaving your home with unwanted odors

Solution: Locating then with this UV flashlight

Some pet stains are invisible to the naked eye, making it a good idea to keep this UV flashlight on hand. The 68 LED bulbs illuminate invisible accidents — and if you don’t have any pets, you can also use it to identify small pests, like scorpions, bed bugs, or even tomato hornworms.


Problem: Your shoes are piled in the corner of the room

Solution: Turning your door into a shoe rack using this organizer

Running out of space for all your shoes? Turn your bedroom or closet door into a shoe rack with help from this organizer. The 24 clear pockets give you room for up to 12 pairs of shoes — though some pairs of shoes, like flip flops, will most likely fit into a single pocket. Choose from two colors: black or java brown.


Problem: You spilled wine all over your couch

Solution: Cleaning it up with this potent stain remover

This stain remover is so potent that you can use it on red wine, chocolate, and everything in between. It’s also nontoxic and made without any chlorine, sulfates, or parabens. Plus, the biodegradable formula can even be used on clothing. But if you need a little extra proof it works, one reviewer who spilled red wine on her rug wrote, “When it arrived the stain had been set for four days, and following the directions on the bottle, the stain instantly started to disappear. My cream colored fringe was back.”


Problem: Your leftovers keep going bad in the fridge

Solution: Storing them inside these airtight containers

With their airtight and leakproof lids, this pack of containers is a solid pick if you’re looking for ways to help keep your leftovers fresh. They’re made from sleek borosilicate glass, and each one is oven-safe up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit, allowing you to bake meals inside of them as well. They even have a 4.7-star Amazon rating.


Problem: Your tables are stained with water rings

Solution: Placing drinks on top of these coasters

A sweating glass is one of the easiest ways to ruin a wood table, so why not start using these coasters? Each one is made from soft silicone that won’t scratch your surfaces. They also feature raised slats on the bottom to help lift your glass away from any pooling water, and come with their own convenient holder.


Problem: Your soap bottles keep leaking all over your counters

Solution: Upgrading to this leakproof dispenser

Not only is this soap dispenser leakproof, but it also dispenses the ideal amount of soap whenever you need to wash your hands. And if you’d prefer a little more soap, you can easily adjust the output up to five levels. Plus, the dispenser is waterproof and available in two shades: silver and champagne gold.


Problem: You keep forgetting to clean that dirty drip tray under your dish rack

Solution: Ditching the drip tray entirely with this over-the-sink option

This dish rack sits overtop your sink, eliminating the need for a drip tray in the first place since any stray drips will fall right into the sink basin. The rungs are stainless steel rungs can support up to 80 pounds of heavy cookware with ease — and since they’re also heat-resistant, you can even use them as a trivet for hot pans in a pinch.


Problem: You have a cabinet that’s overflowing with plastic bags

Solution: Stuffing them inside of these hanging dispensers

Almost every kitchen has that one cabinet that’s overflowing with plastic grocery bags, making these dispensers a must-have — especially if you’re running low on storage space. Each one can hold more than 80 standard-sized bags. Or, if you often throw out your bags rather than keeping them, you can also use these to hold potatoes, tomatoes, and other types of produce when shopping.


Problem: Sticky spills have dirtied up your fridge

Solution: Putting down these liners to help keep the shelves clean

Since each of these liners feature a nonslip surface, you shouldn’t have any problem wiping up refrigerator spills — even if they’re sticky. They can also be trimmed to fit into smaller drawers or door ledges. And if you aren’t into the colorful option you see above, that’s not a problem because they’re also available in a neutral tone that matches your shelves.


Problem: Your open snack bags keeping going stale

Solution: Melting them shut with this miniature bag sealer

As long as the snack bag in question isn’t too thin or made from paper, there’s a good chance that you’ll be able to use this miniature bag sealer to melt it shut. It only takes about one minute to heat up. Then, a series of ridges along the heating plate mimic the ridges on your bag’s original seal, helping keep air out so that your snacks stay fresh.


Problem: Your desk is littered with dust

Solution: Using this little vacuum to suck it all up

Just supply two of your own AA batteries, and this little vacuum will be able to remove all sorts of crumbs, dirt, and more off your desk. It’s able to run for more than two hours before it’ll need new batteries, and the cordless design makes it easy to maneuver without knocking anything over.


Problem: Your washer is starting to smell like mildew

Solution: Help it dry out with this door prop

If your washer has started to develop a mildew-like smell, this door prop might be able to help. The magnetic base sticks to your machine without any drilling or glue necessary, while the flexible gooseneck can be bent and twisted into any position necessary in order to keep the door open. Choose from two colors: black or blue.


Problem: Your keyboard is full of crumbs

Solution: Cleaning it out with this sorta-sticky gel

By “sorta-sticky,” I mean that this gel easily latches onto all sorts of dirt and dust — but it shouldn’t adhere to your hands, making it easy to use all over the house. It’s also reusable up until the color changes, and many reviewers found its light lemon scent to be refreshing (not overpowering).


Problem: Everybody keeps tracking dirt onto your clean floors

Solution: Leaving this scrubber mat outside your front door

If dirty shoes keep ruining your clean floors, try putting this scrubber mat outside your front door as a gentle reminder for guests to dust their shoes off before entering. The sustainable coconut fibers are eco-friendly, yet still heavy-duty enough to scrape away all sorts of debris. And since the entire mat is weather-resistant, there’s no need to worry about it holding up from season to season.