What Situations Should You Call in a Plumber For?


One of the essential things in our house that we use every day is plumbing. We flush away waste and water down the drain without even thinking about it. This fact is why it’s so frustrating when you encounter problems with plumbing. Not only will you not be able to use the toilet, but you also can’t use the water, can’t take a bath, etc. Everything will be a mess with problematic plumbing.

Most of the time, a simple clog can be remedied with DIY methods. There’s a lot of info on the internet that many results in going DIY with just about everything. However, what if there’s a clog in your plumbing and you can’t fix it? The only logical answer and remedy to that are calling in a professional. With that said, here are some more situations that require the services of a plumber:


 What Situations Should You Call in a Plumber For?


Bursting Pipes

In the cold winter months, your pipes can actually freeze and burst. As water expands as it turns into ice, your pipes might be able to handle it. Although it can be difficult to spot which pipes are affected, a professional plumber can quickly identify it.

In cities like Toronto, the winter can get to a freezing -21.2 °C. If you’re living in Toronto and your pipes are bursting because of the winter freeze, it’s always good to get the best Toronto plumbers for help.

Slow Draining Sinks

Imagine this scenario: you wake up in the morning and take a shower. As you put on the shampoo, you notice that the water on the floor seems to be pooling. You get to the floor and notice that, as disgusting as it sounds, hair is blocking the small holes on the drain. Getting the block usually solves the problem, but what if it doesn’t?

The culprit behind this block is something down the pipes. Plumbers have tools such as an auger. An auger can help dislodge any clogs. Instead of going DIY with a wire hanger, augers and drain snakes are better at unclogging your drain.

Weak Water Pressure

There are times when you turn on the faucet and see that the water is running extremely slow. In fact, the pressure can get too slow; the water barely trickles from the faucet. Most of the time, it can be because there’s a water interruption in your area. If that’s the case, then the water should return shortly.

However, if there isn’t an interruption, weak water pressure may be due to a clog in your faucet. You could poke it with something sharp, but you’ll end up damaging the faucet. Instead, you should call in plumbers to help you with this. These professionals have all the necessary tools and expertise to deal with such problems.

Damp Basement

A damp basement after a storm can be normal, especially if water gets in. However, if the basement is still damp after several days, you might have a situation with you. Do not dismiss such an occurrence as it’ll lead to more expensive repairs in your house.

Your basement can stay damp because of faulty insulation, bad weatherproofing, and leaking pipes. Call a plumber immediately if you suspect it’s a leaking pipe. Bacteria and mold love thriving in dark, damp conditions. If left to grow, bacteria and mold can get you sick.

Installing New Appliances

Installing new appliances that have to do with water can call in for an extra hand. Plumbers can handle the piping necessary for your appliance to work correctly. Don’t try to cut corners and do it by yourself. Investing in the services of both a professional installer and plumber will translate into significant savings in the long run.


Many people often go DIY to fix their pipes and plumbing. Although going DIY can help you with savings, you can only do so much. For more complicated problems, it’s best to let professional plumbers do their thing.


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