What I Hate About Selling A Home

For those of you who want to sell a house, it turns out that there are a number of things that can make it difficult to sell a house. You need to know all of these reasons.

When you want to sell a house, of course it is not as easy as selling things because a house is of course the most expensive purchase that someone can make. A person can buy a car for Rp1 billion, but the house he owns must be worth more. Various factors are the reasons why prospective buyers decide not to buy a house. Selly Home is the good choice from person who find or sell houses.

Vice versa. There are a number of interesting things that make a potential buyer sure to buy a property.

The news site Business Insider asked real estate agents what makes a home difficult to sell.This question was raised to property agents because usually buying and selling housing abroad does involve a broker.They know what makes consumers interested in buying a house or vice versa.These property agents have years of experience in marketing and selling properties.Even though this research was conducted overseas, it can at least provide an illustration of the reasons why the house is hard to sell.

So their input or insight can of course be taken into consideration when you sell your house.

The reason why the house is hard to sell and I hate about these problems :

1. The location is less desirable

The location of the house near the airport or the student dormitory was not in demand, of course because it was noisy.

Likewise with the location of the house close to the station or terminal because it is noisy. Do not miss the house near the grave.

In Indonesia, the less preferred locations are near places of worship and schools because of the potential for traffic jams.

Even so, there are also consumers who don’t mind a bad location as long as the house price is cheaper.

2. Prices are too expensive

Occupancy prices that are too high also make potential buyers think. For that, find out the market price of housing before deciding to fix the selling price of the house.

You can find out by asking neighbors who have just sold a house, property agents, bankers, to property consultants.

3. There is a strong smell

The unpleasant smell also discourages buyers. Smells can come from cigarettes or pets like cats.

Make sure that when you want to sell your house, you have cleaned and tidied the house so that it doesn’t smell bad.

4. Lack of Natural Light

Houses that have little natural lighting because they don’t have windows can discourage potential buyers.

Buyers may think that this house is unhealthy because they don’t have access to sunlight.

5. There has been a creepy event

When this house has been the location of a murder or someone has committed suicide it is certain to make buyers think about buying.

If there is a house that is the location of an event like this, it usually takes a long time to sell.

Even if anyone wants to buy the house, of course the prospective buyer will ask for a price discount.

Do you still remember the house that was the location of the murder of a family in Pulomas, East Jakarta in December 2016?

The luxury house was sold by his heirs and only sold in July 2019. Neighbors said they often heard screams.

6. Ugly House Design

Apart from a bad location, if the house has a bad roof design, an irreversible layout, or bad architecture makes the house difficult to sell.

Buyers will think the funds were spent on remodeling to correct this deficiency.

7. Fungi and Environmental Problems

If a house has mold or something that is scary. Buyers will think of a serious environmental health problem.

Prospective buyers who have families must think about the health of the residents of the house later.

8. Poor Structure and Maintenance

If the house has a bad structure or poor maintenance, buyers will back off.

Buyers will recalculate how much it costs to renovate the house unless the selling price of the house is reduced.

9. Old school interior design

There are buyers who want to directly occupy the house they bought without having to renovate again.

However, there is something wrong if the house for sale has an old-fashioned interior design and is not attractive to buyers.

If the house is indeed old design, there are still people who like old houses because they have character.

10. Messy house

An orderly and neat house certainly attracts the attention of buyers. It’s a different story when the house being sold is in a mess.

Buyers don’t want to spend long hours cleaning and tidying up a messy house.

11. Uncooperative Sellers

You want to sell your house, but don’t allow buyers to see the house, of course this can hinder negotiations, right?

Or you increase the selling price when a buyer is interested. Make sure the selling price of the house is certain from the start.

For those of you who want to sell a house, are there any of the factors mentioned above? If so, you must find a solution

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