Vacationing at ‘The Shire’ at this Hobbit Airbnb in Vermont



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Excellent news fans of J.R.R. Tolkien’s beloved “The Hobbit” and “The Lord of the Rings” series — you don’t have to travel all the way to New Zealand in order to stay at The Shire. Just to Middletown Springs, Vermont.

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The property is an Airbnb where guests can stay for $400 per night.

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“Take an enchanted mini-vaca to the ‘The Hill’ … fantasy architecture on 12 lovely green acres!” the listing on Airbnb says. “Unique 1,100-square-foot home was a design/build project completed by the hosts in 2018.”

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The alluring charm of the two-bedroom, two-bath Hobbit house appears to cast a spell on guests since the place has over 80 five-star ratings on Airbnb, with compliments gushing about hosts Pepper and Cynthia, along with immaculate commendations the hosts provide visitors in return.

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Accommodations include:

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It also helps that the place is a spot-on recreation and looks magical.

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“Hobbiton is the movie set of ‘The Hobbit,’” the listing says. “People travel to New Zealand from around the world in part just to walk past the little Hobbit holes of the Shire, which are only facades…

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“‘The Hill’ however, is not! This earth-sheltered, fantasy architecture home is one that you can easily drive to and for a wee adventure. Charming Tolkienesque styling, filled with antiques and special touches that will transport you.”

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There is a catch to booking a stay, according to the listing.

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“Guests must have at least two good reviews on Airbnb to book with us.

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After any Airbnb stay, you will write a review on your stay and the host will also write a review on your care of their home as well as your level of communication, following the house rules etc.”

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That hasn’t seemed to defer eager guests.

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“WOW – amazing stay!” one guest said. “Decor, atmosphere, and the hosts made this stay incredible. Everything is well thought of and we appreciated every effort that Cynthia and Pepper put in. Including scavenger hunt, and other fun activities.”

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“Pepper and Cynthia have perfectly recreated the shire,” another guest wrote. “ If you have ever found yourself watching ‘The Fellowship of the Ring’ and thought that you might like to experience a hobbit’s life or home then there’s really nowhere else in America that you can do it other than this beautiful place. The atmosphere is absolutely perfect.”

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“Wow, so incredible!” one guest commented. “(When) we arrived, Cynthia greeted us and gave us a tour of the grounds and the hobbit home. You can tell the passion she has for the hobbit home. When we got inside, we were greeted with hobbit music and warm lemon poppy seed muffins that were delicious! The thought and care she put into our stay did not go unrecognized, we felt at home and were able to live in the hobbit life for a few days!”

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The home was also featured on Special Finds, a website that highlights unique homes on the real estate market.

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Middletown Springs is about 170 miles northwest of Boston.

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