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So you have decided that it is time to replace your old drafty windows with new energy-efficient units? That’s great. But where do you start? What window type will work best for your house, and how to ensure the correct installation? 

Are you interested to learn all the pros and cons of different window types? Want to know whether the DIY installation is possible? Keep reading to find out! We have analyzed many exciting materials and even outreached many Calgary window replacement experts to prepare this post for you.

Vinyl Windows Explained

Hands down, vinyl windows have turned into one of the most trendy types of replacement windows among most homeowners – and this is for a good reason.

Vinyl Window

There are so many advantages homeowners enjoy when selecting vinyl windows among all the available window options:

  • Affordability: It is the top reason why homeowners go with vinyl windows. These units are the most affordable types of replacement windows on the market today due to the sustainable materials used and reduced construction expenditures.
  • Durability: Vinyl windows are among the most long-lasting units available. Once installed correctly, they should serve you at least 30 years, if not longer.
  • Energy Efficiency: Notice your energy bills skyrocketing? Vinyl windows will make them drop. New vinyl units are up to 55% more energy-efficient than average models.

Wood Windows Explained

For years, wood windows were the only window replacement option for most homeowners. While it has changed over the years due to the emergence of other popular replacement units on the market, many homeowners still love wood windows.

Wood windows

Homeowners will generally have to pay some extra to buy and install wood windows in comparison to their vinyl counterparts, but the benefits you get might outweigh the costs:

  • Traditional and classy look. This is probably the key reason why so many people love these windows. They bring a classic touch to your home and match almost any design and exterior, making it more elegant and sleek.
  • Yes, you’ll need to work a little bit harder to maintain these units over the years due to the necessity of frequent painting or staining to keep up their appearance, but if done well, these windows might serve you almost forever.
  • Highest energy efficiency. Wood is a natural insulator that absorbs and retains heat to help keep out the cold during those colder months. And in this area, wood windows perform even better than vinyl, significantly cutting down your energy bills.

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Fiberglass Windows Explained

Do you want your new windows to feature huge glass areas? Then you might require something a lot more durable and sturdier than vinyl or wood.

Fiberglass Window

That’s where fiberglass windows come in handy and save the day. Fiberglass is a solid material used to hold large glass panes in place to ensure safety and comfort.

You can paint your new fiberglass window frames in any color you like if you want to change their appearance. Moreover, these units are easy to maintain. And this goes not just for cleaning but for an exterior look as well.

Aluminum Windows Explained

Aluminum isn’t typically the material to pop up in your mind when shopping for new replacement windows.

Aluminium Window

But still, these units are worth giving them a thought since there are many advantages to going with aluminum windows over the other types of windows mentioned here:

  • Aluminum windows are long-lasting and easy to maintain, similar to other options discussed above.
  • These units have a slim profile, making them a dream for architects and interior designers to complement your house style.
  • Besides, aluminum windows enhance the outside views due to the thin frames.

The price for aluminum windows is usually higher than other window replacement options mentioned in this post. Still, they could be a perfect pick, depending on one’s specific circumstances.

New Windows Installation: DIY or Hire a Pro?

If you are a DIY enthusiast, installing a new window is a great project to add to your portfolio. But suppose you think that will be an easy task. In that case, you need to do a quick reality check before going into the project since replacing a window, especially of a specific size or style, might be challenging even for a professional installer. Try to answer the next couple of questions before ultimately deciding on your installation approach:

  • Do you have a sufficient skill set for this project type?
  • Have you experienced a similar project before?
  • Do you have all the necessary tools for installation?
  • How many units are you going to replace?
  • Are you prepared to bear the cost of any damage?

All in all, you need to prioritize your time, money, energy, and your chances of obtaining a warranty since poor installation ultimately leads to the impossibility of getting the maximum energy efficiency and comfort from your new product.

What About Professional Installers To Do The Job?

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If you are not sure that your DIY installation is a success, it might help to consult with professional installers of what works best for your house and ask them to do the installation job for you. Moreover, dealing with a reliable window company gets you the following benefits:

  • Compliance with your local building code and CSA guidelines: This ultimately ensures that installation is correct and according to the local law.
  • Consultation on a proper window type, style, and size: Professional installers guarantee to make the correct measurements and advise you on the most energy-efficient units for your house.
  • Professional window installers provide a contract covering the cost of repairs and replacements of your new units over a certain period.

The Bottom Line

One of the best parts about new windows for your house is the opportunity to choose what kind of product you need to complement your house exterior, improve the energy efficiency and ultimately boost your property’s value.

While Vinyl windows are the middle ground and a new trend nowadays, it would be prudent to consider other options. Moreover, consult with experts regarding what works best for your house and how it impacts thermal performance. Good luck!


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