This Dunelm teddy bedding set dries ‘in record time

This Dunelm teddy bedding set dries ‘in record time

This thrifty mum took to TikTok to share a neat trick for getting her bedding dry ‘in record time’ that doesn’t require the use of a tumble dryer. She says buying a certain material for your duvet cover set will help you save energy at home in the long run.

Amidst the cost of living crisis, many people are making extra efforts to cut costs on their utility bills. From limiting tumble dryer usage to refraining from turning up the thermostat, trying to air dry washing is becoming a frustrating task. But TikTok mum, @duchessofthrift (opens in new tab), has let us in on a secret that is a ‘game changer on wash day.’

Dunelm Teddy Duvet Cover and Pillowcase Set in charcoal

(Image credit: Dunelm)

The mum’s drying trick lies in the material of her bedding, and the secret? Teddy bear fleece material. ‘If you’re like us, you’ve got three double beds in the house. You’ve got a duvet, pillowcases, sheets hanging around – so I’ve bought this,’ she says.

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