Think Twice About Cheap Roofing Estimates


Cheap Roofing Estimate

A Low Roofing Bid Is Likely Too Good to Be True

Cheap roofing estimates may seem like a good thing. Who doesn’t want to save money? However, there are a few reasons why roofing companies may offer low bids. Luckily, the professionals at PJ Fitzpatrick are here to discuss why cheap roofing estimates may not be in your best interest.

Making Sure to Fit the Project into Your Budget

Discussing your budget may seem like the logical place for a roofing company to begin the consultation, but the priority should be focused on finding a sturdy roof that will best suit your home. Longevity is an important factor to consider. You don’t want a cheap roof that is doomed to fail in a few years. A good roofing company will make recommendations and then work to accommodate your budget, not the other way around. Many roofing contractors offer financing, so you should have some flexibility when it comes to price. Put simply, just because a roof fits perfectly in your budget doesn’t mean it is the best choice for your home.

Low Quality Roofing Materials

Low-Quality Materials

When your roofing contractor creates an estimate for your project, they will provide a bill of materials. If the estimate seems too low, you should take a second look at the list of materials. Some roofing contractors will use cheap, unreliable materials so they can drop the price and suck you in with a low bid. Your roof needs to be sturdy and well-built to hold up against the elements. If the contractor is skimping out on materials, you should look elsewhere.

Lacking Warranties Offered

Another reason a contractor may offer cheap roofing estimates is that they don’t provide a good warranty. The contractor may only offer you the most basic coverage to make the estimate as low as possible. If you get a cheap estimate that seems too good to be true, you may want to inquire about the details of your warranty. What exactly does it cover? Will it actually help you if something goes wrong? Be diligent and don’t accept a low bid without looking at the terms of the warranty.

Trust the Experts at PJ Fitzpatrick For All Your Roofing Needs

PJ Fitzpatrick offers roofing services for homeowners throughout Delaware, Eastern Maryland, Central and Southeastern Pennsylvania, and Southern New Jersey. Don’t get tricked by shady companies offering low bids. PJ Fitzpatrick is a reliable, trustworthy roofing contractor dedicated to customer satisfaction. If you need roof replacement or repair services, call PJ Fitzpatrick today at 1-877-246-4354 or make an appointment to receive a no-obligation quote.


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