The 5 Qualities of a Good Roof Coating Company


When roofing, you want to do everything to avoid leaks. After all, water damage from roof leaks is expensive. That’s why you’ll need a great roof coating. A roof coating is a protective coating applied to the underside of a roof to protect it from the elements. It can help stop water from penetrating the substrate and reduce your roof’s chance of failure. Most importantly, a good roof coating will make your roof last longer. You need to do your research and ask plenty of questions before choosing your roof coating company. 

Here are the 5 qualities of a good roof coating company.

Qualified Staff

A good roof coating company will have well-trained staff to do the job. A qualified person should do the initial inspection of your roof, and then a crew of skilled roofers should apply the coating. Skilled workers know how to apply the right coating for the job. They have the knowledge and experience to know which roofing material to use, and they have the gear to do the job right. If a contractor isn’t skilled enough to apply a durable roof coating, then they shouldn’t be doing the work on your roof. Make sure the company you hire for the job has qualified staff to apply the roof coating.

Good Reviews from Previous Customers

A great roof coating company will have plenty of happy customers. If a company has many happy customers, it’s a good sign. A great deal of trust must be built between a roofer and their customer. They must be able to thoroughly inspect your roof, understand your needs, and communicate with you about any concerns or issues with your roof. After all, a good roof coating contractor will have plenty of work, so they must be able to communicate well with their clients. If previous customers are happy with the work performed by a company, there’s a good chance other customers will be too.

In-Depth Roof Inspection

A great roofing company will inspect your roof from top to bottom. This includes the flashing, the gutters, and the chimneys. They want to know what condition your roof is in so they can properly prepare the surface for the coating. If a company only inspects the top of your roof, for example, then water will still be able to enter your attic space. If a company inspects only the gutters, they’ll not find the loose flashing on the roof’s edge. A thorough roof inspection is essential to getting the right roof coating.

Protective Coating

You want your roof coating to be durable and effective. You need a company that uses a durable roof coating like architectural concrete roof coating (ACRC). A good coating will stop tears, chipping, and cracking, and it can also reduce algae and moss growth. If you have a siding or architectural wood roof, you need a coating protecting against rot and mold. A protective coating will guard your roof from the elements, keeping it looking great.

Contractor’s License

A roof coating contractor’s license is a good sign. It means the company has professionals that are trained to do the job. Having a roof coating contractor’s license will add credibility to the company, showing you that the company is properly equipped. It also means the staff has been properly trained on the proper safety protocols for working on your roof. Having a roof coating contractor’s license will help ensure your roof is properly protected.

Summing up

When roofing, you want to ensure it’s properly protected. A durable roof coating will help shield your roof from the elements, and it will give your siding and home a fresh, new look. It’s important to find a contractor you can trust, and this guide can help you find that contractor. 


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