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Technogym – SA Decor & Design

Leaders in training equipment, Technogym is at the forefront of the training revolution with the latest in strength training, Biostrength.

“Strength training – or resistance training – is that macro-category of anaerobic exercise which implies muscle activity to oppose an external load,” explains Technogym. “The basic mechanism at the core of strength training involves using muscle strength to fight back an external resistance: barbell weights, dumbbells, kettlebells or any gym equipment specific for certain muscle groups.”

A returning trend, strength training doesn’t necessarily mean powerlifting and bodybuilding. Instead, “the causes of this return are to be traced in physical wellbeing and a better quality of life: strength training boosts bone density, muscle endurance and texture, it improves metabolism, general posture, ligaments, tendons and joints condition, cardiovascular and nervous health, it helps balance body composition (lean mass / fat mass / muscle mass); strength training also enhances all sports performance, making you faster and more athletic, and it also gives a great contribution in post-injury recovery and physical reconditioning,” says the company.

Not only is strength training a crucial part of a sports person’s training regime but it is also important for the elderly as it offers an effective way to fight “the age-specific and natural tendency to physical weakness, linked to muscle mass loss.”

However, this type of training can be cumbersome: “One of the main hassles of resistance training is arranging the correct load, how fast to go with your movement, knowing how many repetitions are advisable for your goals and how long to rest,” Technogym explains.

So to help clients get the most from their workout, Technogym has launched Biostrength. 

The AI-optimised training equipment adapts to each user and guides them, delivering 30% better results in the same time compared to traditional strength training.

“Biostrength allows you to train with the right given load, range of motion, correct posture, and speed of execution and even indicates the number of sets, repetitions and optimal recovery times. The patented Biodrive system – which uses aerospace technology – offers six different types of resistance, improving the effectiveness of your exercise depending on the goal you want to achieve,” says Technogym.

The system also offers four programmes and has a spotter function, which automatically reduces the load if you are getting tired.

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