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The summer is an excellent opportunity to make the most of your home living space and outdoor area in the warmer months with family and friends. Are you a keen host who loves cooking delicious food to fill your guests’ stomachs in summer? Perhaps you’re lucky enough to have an open plan kitchen? In that case, you will need to focus on getting your kitchen-lounge dining space looking nice in preparation for the arrival of the warmer months. To provide you with some guidance, we’ve got some ideas on how to spruce up your open plan kitchen space to get it ready and prepared.

Decorate The Walls Thoughtfully

Large white open plan kitchen dining area
Photo by Bailey Alexander on Unsplash

Think about how you could come up with decorations and alterations that could add life to your walls to give the kitchen-lounge area a more summery feel.  Are your kitchen walls a bit dark and dreary at the moment? Consider how you could add some lovely bright colours or patterns to your kitchen walls which look truly divine in the summertime. If you’re interested in getting sophisticated tiles ideal for your kitchen to make the place even nicer for yourself and your guests, check out suppliers such as hyperiontiles.co.uk, who offer a variety of tile options.

Get Practical And Comfortable Home Furniture

No kitchen-lounge dining space is complete without having comfortable pieces of furniture for people to chill out on. If you feel it’s time to get new furniture, think about which materials would be the comfiest alongside weighing up any practical considerations. For instance, a soft crushed velvet sofa could be incredibly comfortable, but it may stain too easily and be unsuitable for you. You may want to buy yourself some trendy bar stools for your kitchen if you have a countertop/island that you can enjoy relaxing and eating and drinking over. In the summertime, you want to feel as calm and chilled out as possible in your open plan kitchen area and getting comfortable furniture will help you do that.

Try Letting In Plenty Of Natural Light

You may be taken aback by just how much a bit of extra natural light can do to lift a room and invigorate an open plan kitchen in the summer season. More natural light improves the appearance and vibe of the space. It’s also widely believed in medical circles that getting more vitamin D through taking in more sunshine has a variety of benefits for your mental wellbeing and boosting your mood. It’s not hospitable and welcoming to let guests come into your home in the summertime and sit in the dark, so make sure you let in those gorgeous beaming sun rays to give the place a chilled out sunny atmosphere. Given the temperamental climate we have in this country, we must make the most of the sun while it’s here by letting it into our homes and gardens as much as possible. Do you have lovely indoor plants in your open plan kitchen area at home? Your indoor plants will require you to open your blinds or curtains so they can absorb lots of sunshine and grow at a healthy rate.

Bright fresh and welcoming open plan kitchen lounge diner
Photo by Steven Ungermann on Unsplash

Find A Table Suitable For Entertaining Guests

Throwing barbecues on your patio space outdoors is a wonderful sociable thing to do in the summer. However, we all know how unpredictable the British climate can be, and sometimes when the sun goes in, you may want to bring your guests into your kitchen-lounge space to relax. In order to set up your kitchen-lounge area for guests, you will need to find the right table. Are you expecting quite a large number of visitors? Getting an extendable table could be a bright idea to help you fit in a few extra guests.

Look For Fun Flowers To Brighten Up The Room

Getting some colourful, summery flowers could have an immediate impact in really helping to brighten up your kitchen-lounge diner space. It is also believed that putting flowers and plants around your home living space may benefit your mental health and wellbeing. In no time, you will become a real connoisseur of many different species of flowers and plants. Kitchen spaces in the summer should be full of energy and vibrancy. Pull out all the stops to get your home kitchen lounge diner dazzling this summer.



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