SPACE by Ecocapsule – Dwell

It’s an office, a guest room, a micro dwelling, and more. Ecocapsule is following up on its eponymous capsule home by launching SPACE—a new affordable, sustainable structure that can go nearly anywhere and be used however you deem fit.

The insulated fiberglass-and-steel prefab measures roughly 88 square feet, and it weighs about the same as a Volkswagen Beetle. It comes stock with a lightweight plywood interior, wood veneer finishes, and laminate flooring, and custom options—like different exterior colors—can be selected depending on your specific application or needs.

SPACE is the second, smaller offering from Bratislava-based Ecocapsule. 

SPACE’s interior can be fully customized for different applications. The stock model features plywood paneling, wood veneers, and laminate floors.

The unit has flexible power options, too. “Besides green energy collected by solar panels, SPACE can also use energy from the grid, which makes it more user-friendly,” says Tomáš Žáček, founder, design director, and CEO of Ecocapsule. When hooked up to the grid, the solar panels can be detached for a lighter and slighter footprint.

The pods are lined with LED lighting, and they can be outfitted with network connectivity, heating, and AC units to comfortably accommodate a wide range of environments. Windows provide ventilation in more temperate climates.

SPACE can be powered by a detachable solar panel, or it can use grid power when situated near a home or office.

SPACE can serve as an accessory dwelling unit, a backyard office, or a guest room when situated near a home.

“Based on customer demand, we’ve made SPACE more affordable and more comfortable to use,” says Žáček. Each pod starts at $56,000, which is about $30,000 less than the original Ecocapsule—and the company expects it to become more affordable as they build out new iterations.

A lime-green SPACE prefab sits next to the original Ecocapsule, which uses a wind turbine instead of a solar panel. 

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