Planning a Trip to Italy

Italian is one of the best places to travel because of its artwork, romantic views and great restaurants. When traveling to Italy for the first time, it’s important to pick the right places to stay. Hotels are a good option. Better options include Exceptional Villas. Before picking the vacation place, it is vital to plan the number of days and where to go while on vacation in Italy.

Pick the Place to Go First on the Italian Vacation

Deciding where to go is always the hard part when traveling to Italy for the first time. A person should research the place where they want to visit the most. They can also pick multiple cities to visit if they just want to sight see. For instance, a traveler can decide to fly to Florence or Tuscany before going to Venice.

If a person decides to visit many cities one vacation, it will be a daunting task. In fact, it may be considered a crash course in Italian course rather than an Italian vacation.

Months to Avoid Going to Italy

Italy is like any perfect destination getaway. It has busy months where every traveler is visiting the same place. Never plan a vacation during mid-August. Everyone seems to travel to Italy at the same time during these weeks. Prices go up, and cities have a lot of “closed” signs because of the Ferragosto national holiday.

The winter months are OK, but it becomes dark and foggy quickly. This can dampen the fun mood if a traveler wants to spend a lot of fun in the sun. This is especially the case for places such as Venice. The best months to visit Italy are usually the warm months of May and June. The fall is a great time to go to Italy too. October is usually outstanding.

Getting around in Italy Depends on the Traveler’s Tastes

Many travelers take trips on the train. Trains are more convenient and easy. They are also budget-friendly. The high-speed train is a great option between big cities because the stations are usually close to downtown areas. For example, a traveler visiting Rome will take the train to view places like churches and museums. They can view Rome’s ancient walls on at the Termini train station too.

Depending on the places a traveler wants to visit, cars may be an easier mode of transportation. For instance, traveling the Tuscan hillside will usually require a car. It has some beautiful towns such as Bagni Vanoni and Castelnuovo to visit.

Remember to Have Fun in Italy

With all the places to see and visit, it may be an exhausting trip. So, it’s important to remember to have fun. Italy has a rich and crazy culture. Spend time talking with the locals and learning about the culture. While exploring Italy, it’s important to spend time at the home away from home to recoup. It’s the best way to have fun regardless of where a traveler stays in Italy. Villas always provide a luxurious way to vacation in Italy.