Modern Comfort in a Century Old Building


This stylish modern apartment design by the hot Ukrainian design studio balbek bureau falls into the category of impressive small urban dwellings, which we follow passionately. Located near a historical site in Kyiv, the small (only 38 sq.m.) jewelry of modern comfort is located in a century old building.

balbek fedorova apartment 3

Some of its historical bones became an accent of the contemporary and comfortable design project by the architects from Balbek. The highly functional design for the space starts from the entrance door, where a custom-built storage wall gives a practical space for wardrobes and represents a playful and dynamic modern accent with its white minimalism and simplistic stairwell.

balbek fedorova apartment 4

The open floor plan of the main zones combines, in limited footage, the kitchen, dining, and living room areas with a small transition toward a more private zone of the bedroom with its open wardrobe -bathroom passage.

balbek fedorova apartment 7

One of the bathroom premises features the trendy metro tile cladding in combination with neutral grays; the other is decided in fashionable pastel pink and asymmetrical tiles with the hot at the moment light-colored terrazzo insertions from which the zing-tub is composed.

balbek fedorova apartment 6

The apartment’s overall stylistic is clean and luminous with a restrained color scheme (white walls are in stylish dialog with pastel shades in different zones – green kitchen, olive bed, a blue shelf running along the dining area, and living room. The rich historical past of the original building is represented in the décor composition by the uncovered red brick constructs, which add expressive texture to the modern smoothness of the interior.

balbek fedorova apartment 2

Architects: Slava Balbek, Yevheniia Dubrovska; Project area: 38 sq. m; Project year: 2020; Location: Kyiv, Ukraine; Photo credits: Yevhenii Avramenko;

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