Make it Magical with willowlamp Lighting

Make it Magical with willowlamp Lighting

It’s the season of magic and intrigue and what better way to embrace this time than with beautiful lighting to set the scene in your interior. Check out these amazing pieces from willowlamp to add an element of whimsy and style to your space.

The Protea Light

The iconic Protea chandelier collection is the epitome of elegant and luxury design. Each light is made to order and tailored by master craftsmen. This artisanal and customizable lighting design is available in both ceiling-mounted and suspended models with shade sizes ranging from 500mm to 700mm and 1000mm in diameter. The Protea is also available as a wall sconce to help drive a curated design scheme for your interiors. This design is thus characterized by multiple tiers with chain veils hung in layers of looped petals. In the language of flowers, the protea symbolizes diversity and courage. Furthermore, the Protea light shade widths come in 500mm, 700mm, and 1000mm and can be customized on request. This original chandelier was designed by Adam Hoets in 2008 and the collection is ever-evolving!


Luminaire Designs

The luminaire designs from willowlamp combine outdoor realism with fantastical abstraction to bring nature-inspired illustrations to life. They use natural metal materials and a patented design methodology to hang individual strands of metal ball chains from tiny notches in last-cut stainless steel frames. This subsequently creates sculptural and decorative lighting that brings organic movement and grounded luxury into the interior.

The Faraway Tree Chandelier

If you love walking through the forest and looking up at the light falling through the canopy of trees, you’ll fall head over heels with the light the Faraway Tree chandelier casts across ceilings when illuminated.

This chandelier comes in three sizes: 500mm, 700mm and 1000mm diameter. It is available in Rust, Copper, Brass, Silver Chrome, Smoke Gunmetal, Mixed Metallics. Furthermore, you can tailor your own by the total drop (the addition of tiers) and metallic finish.

Ceiling Mounted Chandeliers

Who says you can’t place big chandeliers in smaller spaces? Ceiling-mounted chandeliers are the perfect solution. The 1000mm diameter Flower of Life chandeliers from willowlamp makes a bold statement. Placed flush against the ceiling, it is sure to capture the attention of all who walk into the room.

Tailor your own! Sizes: 500mm, 700mm, 1000mm or custom sizes available.

Willowlamp create in Cape Town and deliver worldwide. For more magical lighting inspiration visit the website at willowlamp.


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