Important Tips For Your Spring Roof Inspection


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As we approach Springtime, it’s best to prepare your roof for the weather changes. Transitioning from winter to spring makes roofs vulnerable to damage and may require you to have a roofing professional inspect them. 

Here are some important tips for your spring inspection:

1. Inspect your roof for damage.

Having regular roof inspections is important in detecting roof damage. Checking your roof for certain signs will help you fix the damage as soon as possible. 

You can start by checking the surroundings of your roof.  Replace damaged shingles and missing flashings. Moreover, examine your ventilation stacks as they help improve the moisture in your attic. Rotten and loose caulking and weatherstrips should also be updated. 

List down all the problems you see for future reference. This will also be helpful for your roofing contractor. 

2. Check your attic for holes.

If you see sunlight seeping through your attic, chances are your roof has a hole. Holes can lead to leaks, and will most likely cause moisture buildup.  Make sure to check if there are damp beams present.

3. Remove any debris from your roof and gutters.

Leaves and other debris can clog the gutters and ventilation stacks. Make sure to remove these obstructions to avoid damage to your roof and gutters.

4. Schedule a roof check-up with a roofing contractor.

Summer months are the busiest so take advantage of Spring to schedule a roof assessment! If you are planning to have your roofs inspected, click the “Free Quote” button below to get a free estimate and get the assistance you need from The Home Pros US roofing professionals.


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