How to Style Branches in a Vase to Create Sculptural Arrangements


Clip Them in Stages

It can be intimidating to clip your branches but sometimes this is necessary to create that sculptural, minimal shape you desire. When you bunch too many branches, you definitely lose any curvature or sculpture, so sometimes I will edit and take leaves away until I achieve the shape I’m after. I recommend clipping them slowly though and at different heights to create visual interest. Once you’ve crafted the main arrangement, fill them in with shorter branches. You want the leaf structure to sit lower at the top of the vessel instead of being super tall or the same height. 

Add Fresh Water Daily

These larger vessels are too heavy to dump out and replace the water, so you’ll need to add a little water each day because branches soak up a lot.

Let Them Dry Out

Truthfully, decorative branches only last three to five days at max so invest in them when you have a special occasion, an event, or “just because,” then take photos to share their beauty. But most branches look just as beautiful when they’re dried out, too. In fact, I love their crunchy, twisted leaves and withered, gnarly aesthetic against the more refined backdrop of my home. I say embrace the stages! 

You could also achieve a similar effect with a potted plant—look for varieties that have a sculptural quality to add visual diversity to a singular corner. 


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