How To Pick Affordable Wine

When you are ready to begin your wine collection to fill that new Bodega wine climate cabinet or one of the Miele wine fridges, you might feel that you need a cheap wines guide. However, there are a few things that you can keep in mind when you are looking to find the most affordable wines that still taste great.

These tips can fill that perfect storage location for wine with bottles that you cannot wait to open and enjoy. Try a few bottles to find the ones that you particularly enjoy.

Knowing What You Like

If you know what you enjoy, you have a good starting place. This will help you narrow down the range of bottles that you will be choosing from. This basis is also a good foundation to build from and find similar tastes from different grape varieties or appellations.

Find The Lesser Known Regions

Well-known regions have a higher price tag for their fame. However, some regions produce similar grapes in similar climates that are not as well known and therefore have a lower price tag.

These regions could be anywhere from a small Southern France vineyard to one in South Africa or Argentina. You could also look at lesser-known varieties of grapes that are used in these regions. While the name and variety are different, many grapes have similar tastes, and this will give you a delicious wine for a pleasing price tag.

Shop Local

Finding a local wine shop will give you the opportunity to get advice from the salespeople than finding a wine at a supermarket. This advice can be the difference between finding that special bottle on the first few tries and trying over and over again.

Being open with your tastes and budget will give the salesperson a good foundation to work from. Their knowledge will help you find those lesser-known regions and varieties of grapes.

Buying In Bulk

This could be a good option, but only if you already know that you enjoy the wine. There are often good discounts when you buy in bulk, making the wine per bottle very affordable. Once you have discovered the wine that tickles your tastebuds, buying in bulk can become a good option to save in the long run.

Remember that when you buy in bulk, you will need to be able to store your wine in the best place as possible. This might be a wine cellar, wine cooler, or consistently dark and cool cupboard.


When in doubt or if you are unsure where to start, look at the bubbles. Sparkling wines are affordable and very food friendly. Ranging in sweetness, these wines offer a great variety of flavours for you to try out and enjoy.

The sparkling nature of the wine adds an experience and allows it to be drunk as a refreshing beverage or paired with dinner.


You have many options when finding the right wine for you – both in taste and budget. So, be adventurous, ask your friends what they enjoy, and try their recommendations out. Finding your favourite wine should be a fun and exciting journey – so – have fun!

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