How to Choose a Wall Mirror: A Homeowner’s Essential Guide


America is a land of mirrors. Americans used more than 12 million tons of glass objects in 2018, including thousands of mirrors.

This may sound a little excessive. Yet there are many kinds of and uses for mirrors in your house. When you’re looking to decorate your home in a classy way, you need to know how to choose a wall mirror.

What styles of mirrors should you examine, and how does each style impact your aesthetics? What shapes of mirrors are there? What is the right size of mirror for each wall in your home?

Answer these questions and you can start installing mirrors in their perfect places in no time. Here is your quick guide.


Look at Styles of Residential Mirrors

You can choose a mirror that will match or clash with the style of your room. Though a clash can be jarring, it can draw attention to your mirror and make it appealing to the eye.

Take a look at a few types of mirrors before you decide what you want to do. A basic mirror with simple lines and a minimal frame works well for bathrooms and bedrooms. It matches most homes that have a modern interior.

If you want a more whimsical mirror, you can find one with an ornate or misshapen frame. This type of mirror can create a country aesthetic.

The color of your frame will affect the style of your mirror. A golden frame looks ornate and formal while a dark frame pops out against a light background.


How to Choose a Wall Mirror: A Homeowner's Essential Guide


Distinguish Between Different Shapes

A horizontal mirror draws out the width of your room and any objects reflected in the mirror. If the frame is vertical, the glass will draw out the height of objects.

A circular mirror has a focal point toward the center of the glass. This allows the glass to reflect objects accurately, without exaggerating their height or width. Circular mirrors are best for bathrooms or common areas.

Consider the Size of Home Mirrors

If you need a mirror to check your makeup or hair, it should be large enough that you can see your entire head. But if you’re looking for a decorative mirror, you should get one that matches the size of your wall.

The larger your mirror is, the more difficult the mirror installation will be. Contact an installation company for mirrors that can set it up without shattering the glass or warping the frame.


How to Choose a Wall Mirror: A Homeowner's Essential Guide


Figure Out How to Choose a Wall Mirror

Learning how to choose a wall mirror requires learning about a few different things. You can select an unusual style to create an interesting clash in your home.

A square or circular mirror will create an even balance of proportions. But you can stretch things out with a vertical or horizontal mirror. You should find a mirror that lets you see everything clearly and that is easy to install, but you can get help from an installation company.

Mirrors are just one piece of furniture you can buy. Read more furniture guides by following our coverage.


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