Having Trouble Financing Your Car? How to Get Help


Getting a car has considerable financial implications. Not everyone has enough financial security to get a vehicle in one go. As other bills stack up, financing your car may become a tad difficult. Contrary to popular opinion, there are numerous options to explore when in this situation. Read on for information on how to get help when having trouble financing your car.

Contact relevant lender

Given the nature of their business, your lender would not like to see you facing these troubles. Debt recovery on outstanding payments can be quite costly. Repossession may also not be considered as vehicles lose value soon as they roll off the line. It would be commendable to share your financial woes with your lender before the situation becomes dire. Taking the initiative allows them to offer you possible bail-out options. You may even get consideration for such relief programs, which allow you comfort to help you get back on your feet. Keeping your payments on time prior to financial constraints will also make your case. It would be good to suggest a feasible short-term plan for your payment adjustment until you get back on your feet. This break from payment is not permanent, hence the need to find a quick fix before the next installment is due.


When adjusting your repayments is not feasible, it would be ideal to consider a deferral. Deferrals allow you to skip a few installments without charges. Terms of deferral may vary from one lender to the next. You may either deferral the entire installment or just its principal. You may also need to present a hardship letter to emphasize your situation. Deferrals give you adequate time to plan and reorganize your finances. The deferred payments are moved to the end of the loan and will still need to be paid. You may also consider a simple change of date to give you an extra week or two to get your finances in order. Deferrals and changes of dates may have an impact on the total interest paid at the end of the loan.


You may be having trouble with financing your car due to the interest rates. Once your car loan comes down to a level lower than the car’s value, it is possible to seek another lender to take over your loan. Your credit scores will go a long way in determining your viability for refinancing. Individuals with low credit scores may attract penalties. Signing a new loan contract with a different lender could solve your financing constraints. Refinancing allows you to lower your installment and interest rates while extending the loan term. This makes it easier and more comfortable for you to meet your car finance obligations. It would be ideal to consider a lender to find the best way to finance a car. While refinancing may seem costly, it is better than defaulting and repossession.

Selling or Trading In

When facing financial trouble, you may decide to dispose of the vehicle to regulate your cash flow problems. Selling and trading in is an efficient way to get some money back and quickly offset your loan. Selling is a better option as you are likely to get more money back. It also eliminates the liability of financing another vehicle. Selling should only be considered when it is able to clear off the entire loan. You may also get a buyer who is willing to take over the vehicle’s financing plan. Trading in is much faster than selling and allows you to retain a more affordable vehicle.

Surrender the vehicle

As a last resort, you may consider surrendering the vehicle to your lender to end your financial woes. When there’s no other way out, this option remains a possibility. It would be good to note that surrendering your vehicle may have adverse effects on your credit scores. While surrendering on a voluntary basis may reflect positively to future lending, it stains your credit score for up to 7 years. You may also be subject to deficiency balances upon surrendering.

As seen above, there are numerous options to consider when facing trouble with car financing. Take your time to consider which is best suited to you before making a decision.


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