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The hallway is often overlooked when decorating, but it is crucial to get it just right as it is the first thing that your guests will see when they come into your home and it needs to be well lit as this is where you get ready for when you leave the house.

Brighten your entrance way and lead visitors through your home while establishing the atmosphere throughout your home. From statement chandeliers to wow-factor wall brackets, hallways and entrance ways are often unique and require a solution unique to that space.

Not all homes have grand, double volume entrance halls. Small hallways often require a table lamp placed on a console table but if space is at a premium, statement wall brackets add a decorative design and take up very little space and distribute light from top to bottom without limiting head room or taking up floor space – while making the ceiling feel taller.

In longer hallways, wall lights work great when placed in pairs or trios along the length of the hallway – which looks particularly stylish and adds a welcoming glow that directs guests into your home – like a runway!

Use pendants along a long corridor hallway to create harmony and interest throughout an otherwise drab space.

Tall, thin entrance ways require some ‘lateral’ thinking. Uplighting is a trend we’re seeing more and more of to create a modern and deliberate lighting technique as uplighting makes the space feel larger without feeling empty.

Should you have the space for a big entrance hall, utilize a statement chandelier or over sized pendant to create a wow factor. It brings personality to your home and makes an impact as soon as guests arrive at your home.

Often hallways and entrances provide multiple tasks which is why we often recommend different levels of light in these spaces. For example, placing a table lamp to create ambience but maximizing the light requires a row of ceiling lights or an oversized pendant.

Chat to your electrician about adding switches on either end of a long hallway to your hallway lights in order to turn them on and off without walking to the other end of the hall. Additionally, placing your hallway on a dimmer allows you to create an atmospheric warm glow in the evenings.

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