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Property managers, landlords, business owners, and homeowners all depend on efficient and trusted pest control businesses to keep insects and rodents away.

How do you normally set it apart if you own a pest control business?

That is where growth strategies come in pest control businesses. Some of the strategies you can use to grow your pest control business include the following:

Just because potential customers have found your business online doesn’t mean they will consider your services. Positive reviews will go a long way in ensuring your business stands out from the stiff competition.

The best way to get started with this is to send some of your customers an email after the job is done. This follow-up email will let your clients know that the job is complete and request feedback.

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SEO (search engine optimization) refers to a process that involves improving content to rank high on Bing and Google. With the best SEO strategies, your website can rank higher compared to that of your competitors when customers look for terms such as pest control near me, pest exterminators, or pest control solutions. In order to achieve this goal, you can implement the following pest control SEO


  • Use internal links
  • Build backlinks
  • Use meta descriptions and title tags
  • Do keyword research
  • Work with Paid Ads

Popular social media forums, such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, have made a great transition for most pest control businesses.

Although organic research is possible, it will just be a fraction of what it used to be some years ago. So consider investing in paid pest control advertising spots. It may take more time to handle the learning curve, but paid ads will deliver good returns.

Because of how easy it is to get the right information on anything, consumers these days have become research-obsessed. Consumers search to improve their lives and feel more confident and less worried.

With a good pest control blog, you can sate your consumer’s thirst for knowledge as well as convert them into long-term customers. 

In addition, pest-control blogs may generate traffic for your site. Blogging is a powerful form of advertising your pest control business. By providing relevant and valuable content, your business will establish itself as a leader in the industry.

  • Take Advantage of Customer Referrals

With a steady client base, you can keep the existing customers happier. Not only do customers offer steady work, they as well become advocates for the business.

Grow Your Pest Control Business 2

With great marketing strategies, most people still believe in old-fashioned recommendations over other messages. Normally word-of-mouth recommendations are a perfect way to grow service-based businesses, such as pest control.

Customers will still require a nudge to recommend your business to their friends, even if you offer great services. And a perfect way to achieve this is to reward customers for referrals.

The Bottom Line!

Using pest-control growth strategies won’t just land you more clients. It will also keep your business ahead in the competitive market. From positive reviews to taking advantage of customer reviews, your pest control business will be on top in the market.

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