Four times Wisconsin Zillow listings went viral

What started as a real estate listing site has now become a national pastime. And sometimes, that comes with unexpected surprises, and sometimes, they’re in Wisconsin. 

Zillow, an online marketplace for buying and renting homes, is popular perusing for not just serious seekers, but also casual dreamers. Sometimes, searches may not turn up what either had in mind.

And there are social media accounts, such as Zillow Gone Wild, dedicated to odd finds on the site — and from time to time Wisconsin homes make an appearance. 

Here are four recent times Wisconsin Zillow listings went viral. 

Four communal toilets

The “Hawthorne House” in South Milwaukee has been getting attention for having four toilets in one bathroom. The home was built in 1851 and was once used by the Girl Scouts of America. Photo by Jeff Showers of Shutter Zone Media, Seller is Kaley Wittnik.

This South Milwaukee home gained viral attention for having four toilets in one bathroom, with no partitions to separate them. 

Built in 1851 by the Fowle family, the commonly called “Hawthorne House” was the first home built on Hawthorne Avenue, and has six bedrooms, two full baths and two half-baths. 

The Girl Scouts of America once used the home and added the toilets, along with four sinks, to the bathroom, according to Jane DiChristopher, the Realtor marketing the residence for Mahler Sotheby’s International Realty.

No partitions were ever added that she is aware of. 

“It’s definitely not the oddest thing I’ve ever seen in real estate,” she said.

The house sold in February for $400,000, according to the Zillow listing. 

Fit for a king 

This "castle" in Hartland got national attention when it went on the market. The house has been a project of the owners since the 1970s.

If you’re looking to adopt Flynn Rider’s attitude about your next home, then this castle in Hartland is for you. 

The “castle” was covered by several news outlets inside and outside Wisconsin, and has an interior to match its royal exterior. It has four beds, three and a half baths, two indoor fountains and four gun cabinets.

This Hartland "castle" has an extravagant interior to match its royal exterior, including taxidermy animals, stonework and plush carpet.

But this isn’t a new project. The family who lived there has been working to make the house the spectacle that it is since the 1970s.

“… This was just what we lived in. This was no different than a normal house to us,” Brenda Lee Voght, who lived in this home, told TMJ4. 

The house is currently listed as “contingent” on Zillow for $379,000. 

Welcome to Poundtown 

For all intents and purposes, this Onalaska home is ordinary. But a cheeky sign in the bedroom made the internet explode. 

Thanks to Zillow Gone Wild, the home went viral for its “Welcome to Poundtown” sign hung above the bed of the master bedroom.