Fountain Fog Effect with Koolfog Atacama Pump Galaxy Hotel

Fountain Fog Effect with Koolfog Atacama Pump Galaxy Hotel

As casino and destiny locations develop in all parts of the world, architects and designers are taking advantage of technologists who have experience in themed attractions, like amusement parks and rides. Special effects, like high-pressure fog and water features, add a layer of enhancement that begs for a new kind of engagement while the experience of luxury takes an upgrade.

Macau is a region on the south coast of China. In close proximity to Hong Kong, it is an urban area known for tourism and gambling owing to its nickname, the “Las Vegas of Asia”. Macau is home to Galaxy Macau, a world-class luxury destination with spectacular resort attractions, five-star hotels, restaurants, shopping and exquisite service. It is also home to the Grand Resort Deck boasting the famed Skytop Gardens, the world’s longest Skytop Aquatic Adventure River Ride and the world’s largest Skytop Wave Pool. The landscape environment is tropical, set amidst waterslides, geysers, waterfalls and white sand beaches. Entertainment is in abundance featuring Broadway Macau, indulgent spas, and a 10-theater 3D Cineplex.

The Galaxy Hotel is one of the five-star lavish hotels with direct access to the Grand Resort Deck and strives to meet the highest standards for luxury, comfort, service and amenities. The Galaxy Hotel is known for its state of the art architecture, stylish rooms, well-appointed fitness center and beautiful experiences. Upon entry into the Galaxy Hotel Diamond Lobby, guests are welcomed with a special light show integrating sound, water, and visual artistry. This Galaxy Casino Lobby Show is its centerpiece, featuring a 50 foot diameter ring of water that rises as cascades of fog billow out to enhance the light show that glide through the layers of the waterfall. As the ring descends, a simulated, 2000-pound diamond is revealed. The Galaxy Casino Lobby Show was designed by Jeremy Railton and produced by EDC. Koolfog worked with Lift and Water Feature partner, Technifex, to help create a fog wall that works with the water ring to completely obscure the diamond before it is revealed and prior to disappearing at the conclusion of the show. The fog effect design consisted of a custom formed 34’ diameter fog manifold with over 150 Bridge Fog nozzles and powered by a Koolfog Atacama high-pressure fog pump.

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