Find Out Amazing Birthday Cake Ideas For Everyone

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Is your birthday coming up, then will you have a little party to celebrate with your friends and family? But then, the problem: where would you get the freshest cake? What to serve, since the birthday party is reminiscent of super delicious snacks and, of course, caloric. Do not panic!

Know The History

Originally, the tradition of birthday cake was a Greek custom. For birthdays, the Greeks went with a round honey cake in honor of the goddess Artemis to bring them a new year of prosperity. In the 20th century, Christianity incorporated this tradition with a candle to ward off bad luck and bring fortune, health, and happiness to a loved one.

It’s not easy to combine everyone’s tastes in the same cake! To accompany you in your quest, you can order online birthday cakes for your event and let yourself be guided by our different categories of cakes and be ready to taste them.


The roll cake

How about swapping the traditional yogurt cake with a fabulous roll cake and personalized decoration?An easy and always delicious one. It goes very well with children, but satisfied adults just as much!

The advantage of this rolled birthday cake, besides the fact that it goes very well in the mouth with a large audience, is that it can be elementary to decorate.

You can cover it with chocolate ganache or prepare a white chocolate ganache with food coloring (blue, pink, purple, or even create a rainbow of colors) to match each person’s personality. A few small birthday decorations can also decorate the whole thing to make your chocolate roll cake more festive.

Birthday cake turntable- Chocolate Cake

Very tasty and beautiful, this chocolate cake is ideal for everyone who loves cakes. Visually, it is worthy of a great pastry shop, and you can amaze your family with a sublime chocolate cake and a decoration all in finesse to please the happy chosen one.


Super Hero CAKE

It is the favorite of all children. They are very fun cakes because fondant plays its most important role; it is an edible and sweet dough that looks like plasticine and has an infinite number of colors that you can model to your liking. In this case, the cake’s filling does not have high complexity; it is usually made with a simple cake and a little filling so that the fondant does not deteriorate. 

Baby birthday cake (for 1 year, 2-year-old, and 3-year-old)

Do you want to mark the occasion? You want to order something special with love to celebrate the birth of your child, who is already growing too fast for you. Why not go for a Number Cake  ? This surprising and original shape for a baby birthday cake is very easy to order from our online bakery. Your little one who blows out the candles on his Number Cake will create wonderful memories.

Birthday girl cake

Little girls dream of a magical world made of princesses and magic. Many children’s cakes mix marzipan or sugar paste to create unique patterns and shapes of their favorite characters. You can create cinderella or little cat cakes, but here we offer you the end of the day, the birthday cake star for girls: the unicorn cake  !

Unicorn birthday cake

All little girls dream of princesses, fairy tales, and unicorns! They are very happy to see this kind of cake for their birthday. They get pretty stars in their eyes and a smile this sublime unicorn enthroned on the table of their birthday party just for them! The little girls are happy to be able to impress their friends with such a pretty pastry creation.


Why not choose a healthier birthday cake?

Changing the style of your birthday cake is much simpler than you might think. There are so many alternatives that when you do, your guests are unlikely to even realize that they are eating a refined sugar-free, gluten-free cake!

Special vegan cake category!

Celebrating your birthday while respecting your diet and values ​​is possible, and it’s even effortless and just as tasty as traditional birthday cakes. Order cakes with less sugar and a special vegan cake from the categories for those who care for their health


With the help of an original dessert, you can express everything difficult to say in words: admire the incredible personality of the birthday person, show how dear he/she is to you, remind you of the unforgettable moments we experienced together, or convey the delight about a successfully passed session, the purchase of the first car and the birth of a grandson. There would be a reason for joy, and we will always help decide on the design of the cake and the composition of the future dessert.