‘Fake spaceship’ home for sale in OK confuses Zillow Gone Wild



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A unique custom built home that’s hit the real estate market in Tulsa, Oklahoma, for $415,000 is definitely a conversation starter – but not everyone is impressed, especially a popular social media real estate page.

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“Investors dream! Truly one of a kind, 2005 custom build,” the listing on Zillow says. “Starting with a personal elevator ride to the top floor, as an investment property, the first thing your guests will see is the breathtaking view of the Tulsa Skyline. Or make this your own personal hideaway. The possibilities are endless.”

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While the two-bedroom, three-bathroom home towers over the treeline and has views for days, there are some aspects that a prospective buyer would want to take into consideration, like the home coming “as-is” with no repairs.

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Nevertheless, the interior of the 1,386-square-foot home definitely turned heads of those on the Facebook page Zillow Gone Wild.

“Besides all the beautiful mold, you could possibly paint the outside to look like the Hamburgler’s Jail Cell?” one person joked. “Just need someone to make you a top cop hat and if you have the extra money round the roof for more of a hamburger bun look.”

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“This could be a really cool home,” another observed. “Gut it, fix all the leaks around the windows, take care of the mold, find an artist to (paint) the outside, make a nice outdoor space, balcony all the way around, add some stairs.”

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“So in other words, a yurt on a stick,” someone joked. “A yurtsicle for the win. (Or a cool half mill.)”

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“Looks like the Paw Patrol Lookout is under construction,” one person said.

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“Stop. You had me at black mold in a fake spaceship,” someone remarked.

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“Can’t decide if I love it or hate it,” another commented. “It’s weird, but I kind of dig it. Do not love the outside, but I can get down with all the windows.”

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“This would be a really cool air bnb,” one person said.

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“I like it,” another commented. “I bet it’s awesome for watching storms roll in.”

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