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Over recent years, outdoor dining has become popular, both in the hospitality and home design markets.

Thanks to the pandemic, many diners were forced to eat outdoors to keep each other safe at restaurants and cafes last year, and many have found that they enjoy eating al fresco. Also, outdoor dining is a great way to entertain and make the most of the warm weather, when it arrives.

As such, homeowners are now seeking to bring all the comforts of indoor eating into their gardens so that they can enjoy elegant outdoor dining experiences when the weather is fine. If you want to design a unique outdoor dining space that is both comfortable and stylish, then here are some practical tips.

Landscaped back garden in Dublin, Ireland with dining and relaxation areas
Photo by Tile Merchant Ireland on Unsplash

Choose The Right Part Of Your Garden

The first step to creating a stunning outdoor dining space in your garden is to choose the right location. That means assessing your garden and working out which area gets the most sunlight throughout the day.

It would help if you also considered the greenery that is around your proposed outdoor dining area, as while large trees can provide shade, they can also drop leaves onto you and your guests as you eat. So, look for an area far enough away from trees to be clean, but with some overhanging branches or nearby flowers for a pop of natural colour.

Create A Covered Yet Open Space

Fashionable and functional covered outdoor eating areas
Photo by Spacejoy on Unsplash

With the British weather as changeable as it is, you need to make sure that you have an overhead covering to shield you from both the glaring sun and any light rain that might fall while you’re eating outside. Your covering needs to keep you and your loved ones safe from the elements while at the same time not blocking out too much light.

A glass patio veranda could be the perfect option to create a stylish yet practical covering for your outdoor dining space. Specialist providers of bespoke verandas such as Nationwide Home Innovations can create a beautiful, high-quality glass veranda that’s perfectly designed to fit your outdoor dining vision.

Find The Perfect Seating Solution

Dining outdoors means that you need to have somewhere comfortable to sit. While picnics and sitting on walls might be fun at first, it will quickly get tiresome. So, you need to add chairs or even an outdoor sofa to create a comfortable space to sit while you enjoy your delicious food.

Remember that these chairs need to be kept safe from the elements, so they either need to be foldable so that they can be stowed away when they’re not being used or durable enough to withstand wind and rain. If you choose durable outdoor seating solutions, consider adding cushions to make them more comfortable and remember to clean the seating area before each use. You can also think about an outdoor table so that you and your guests can rest plates and glasses on it while you dine outside. Again, choose a durable yet stylish option, such as a metal table, to create a great look all year round.

Add Cooking Accessories To Allow You To Make And Eat Your Food Outside

Stylish outdoor dining area with barbecue cooking area
Photo by Arcwind on Unsplash

A trendy modern outdoor dining area wouldn’t be complete without a state-of-the-art gadget to show off! These outdoor cooking tools mean that you can make food outside and then enjoy it al fresco. While you could consider putting out a buffet or travelling into your kitchen to fetch items, having an outdoor cooking facility is more convenient and fun for you and your guests. It’ll also save you a lot of running around, and ensure that you all get to enjoy delicious tasty dishes when you dine in your garden.

While a BBQ is the traditional choice for outdoor dining, there are now many options to choose from. From pizza ovens to outdoor fridges, there are many outdoor cooking appliances available, so you can find the best one to suit your needs. If you host a lot of gatherings and love cooking, you could consider buying a selection of appliances to ensure that you always have the right option close at hand.

Make The Perfect Atmosphere With Outdoor Lighting

If you want to host outdoor dining events in the evening or just want to add some atmosphere to darker afternoons, then add outdoor lighting to your garden dining area. Fashionable options such as fairy lights or old-fashioned bulbs can create a unique look that is both bright and stylish.

Using the right outdoor lighting can also help you to create the perfect vibe for parties. If you love hosting celebrations in your garden, then consider choosing coloured bulbs or smart lighting solutions. Make sure that you select bulbs and lighting fixtures that are designed for the outdoors, as these products are more durable and weatherproof than their indoor counterparts. Choosing the wrong option could be unsafe, so take the time to find the right outdoor lighting solution to complete your dream garden dining space



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