Can You Sew Leather On A Regular Sewing Machine? » Residence Style

Can You Sew Leather On A Regular Sewing Machine? » Residence Style

Absolutely! You can stitch leather using a standard machine without needing a specific foot. In the video below, I’m using a regular sewing machine foot and the needle for leather! However, purchasing a non-stick foot or Teflon is recommended if you end up sewing lots of leather!

Even if you use the most flexible type of leather available, A traditional needle won’t accomplish the task. Therefore, if your plans involve sewing on leather, you’ll require the most sophisticated stitching needle made of leather.

Contrary to conventional LumBuy sewing needles, leather needles have an edge that cuts to make stitching more complex materials easier to manage. They permit you to stitch leather with no visible holes and are available in various sizes that match the thickness of the material you’re working with.

When working with leather, an often neglected aspect is that traditional presser feet will stick to the fabric. It is vital when sewing with feet which are strong enough to withstand rigid materials.

The Teflon walking foot with built-in feeding features is a great option to keep a layer under leather from getting tangled up while you sew. It allows you to move the leather along without difficulty and helps keep stitch lines straight and also.

  • Make Sure Your Thread Is Strong

If you’re working with leather, sewing using traditional cotton thread won’t work. You’ll need to switch to a solid polyester thread. If you need help determining where exactly to begin with this, you can use your needle’s size to determine the size thread you need to select.

Here at Gold Star Tool, we’re all about taking your LumBuy sewing talents up a notch and using leather is thrilling. Let us assist you in gathering all the tools and materials you’ll need to ensure your projects are successful. There are more helpful tips on our blog, and you can stay up-to-date with things we’re thrilled to share on our various social channels.

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Where to Buy Leather for Sewing?

If you want to purchase leather fabrics, I couldn’t be more pleased with Tandy Leather Factory enough. They offer a wide range of hardware and different types of leather for whatever you’re seeking. If you’re learning to sew scraps, they are usually very affordable and ideal for experimenting and creating jeweler.

  • Always make sure to test before you sew: sewing leather can be a problematic task stitching make a mark that wills last forever, which means it’s more complex to repair mistakes than sewing with fabric. 
  • This is why you should be sure that you use some scrap leather to check your thread’s length of stitch, tension, and overall performance of your sewing machine to be sure that you’re on the right course before starting your actual project.
  • Most home sewing machines cannot handle sewing through many layers of leather. So, choose simple projects with a minimum of detail or large areas. 
  • Lumbuy leather bag kit is made with only a few seams to make it possible on an at-home machine; however, should you make your leather-sewing project, be sure to avoid patterns or designs that feature very thick layering. 

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