Basement Finishing Rules


Finishing your basement is a great way to extend your living space. But you need to follow some rules, including the following:

Basement Remodeling

Do Not Skimp on Waterproofing

Basements are set below level, which means poor waterproofing will put it at a higher risk of moisture infiltration. Proper waterproofing may raise your remodeling costs a bit. However, since it will help protect your basement from the effects of moisture infiltration, including moisture damage and mold growth, consider waterproofing as a good, long-term investment. If your basement doesn’t have one already, you will need a sump pump as protection against basement flooding.

Your Basement Must Be Up to Code

Like most types of remodeling jobs, finishing your basement will require a building permit. Unscrupulous contractors will offer to skip filing for the permit to reduce costs. No matter how tempting this might be, you shouldn’t give in and skip this all-important step. Portions of the project will require contractors with separate licenses for plumbing and electrical work. Leaving such work to unlicensed individuals can increase the risks of leaks, fire and other major, but avoidable problems. A legitimate remodeler will help you with the resources that you need to file all necessary permits.

Plan Your Project Carefully

Work with your remodeler in coming up with a solid plan. One easy way to blow up your remodeling budget is to make changes to it in the middle of the project. Early in the planning stage, think about the purpose of the remodel. Do you have a growing family and in need an additional bedroom? Perhaps, you want a room with soundproofing to enjoy your movie or vinyl collection? Maybe, you need space for your woodworking projects? Your decision will inform all aspects of your remodel, from the layout to the material that will be used for the walls and flooring.

Mind the Utilities

Your basement is home to household utilities like the boiler, junction boxes and water shut-off valves. They’re not exactly the most aesthetic element of every home, but utilities must be provided access. When creating the floor plan, talk to your contractor about how utilities and access locations can be concealed in the finished basement.

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