An Easy Guide to Organizing Your Beach Bag For Summer


The Perfect Tote

The best accessory for the beach is the perfect tote. There are many shapes, styles, colors, and patterns to choose from that will become your summer staple. The trendy woven straw bags are always a classic. Or you can find an oversized canvas bag which is essential for moms with a lot of stuff to carry. The key to the perfect beach bag is functionality. Can you carry it comfortably from the car to the beach? Does it have enough zipper compartments to fit all of your beach beauty basics? These are all questions you should consider before you make your next purchase.

Organize Your Beach Accessories

Are you one of those people who make a checklist while you pack? Favorite book? Check. Your must-have Bluetooth speaker? Check. Now you need a place to organize everything. Rummaging around your tote is annoying. It’s easier to separate items into different pouches. Pull out your specific pouch knowing that exactly what you need is inside. Fill one pouch with sunscreen and other beauty essentials. The other pouch can be used for tech accessories. You can even have a pouch for misc. items like snacks, medicine, toys, and drinks.

The best accessory to bring to the beach is a new book. There’s nothing better than relaxing on the beach and escaping into a new story. Check out Chirpyest‘s list of amazing summer reads on the blog.

New Podcast Alert

I recently was a special guest on What’s Your Story? podcast. I hope this episode helps you or someone who needs a bit of career inspo and a good pep talk. Podcast host Matt Story was so easy to talk to and even got me to tear up a little bit as we wrapped up. We spoke about my challenges in starting my new company Chirpyest, a new commerce platform democratizing the world of influence. His three takeaways are great career advice for anyone. Listen to the full episode here


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