Aloha Restoration and Mold Removal Techniques and Methods

Species of mold are one of the tiniest creatures on the planet, and they reproduce by spreading spores. They grow fast, and they love moist environments. Molds are classified under the fungi kingdom, and while many species of this organism is not harmful to humans, others can emit toxic spores that would have a negative impact on the body. Spores that are released by toxic molds can enter our system and they will slowly destroy our bodies. Inside our homes, molds can be found in areas that are very moist, just like the bathroom and the kitchen. They can grow there uncontrollably, and you will be surprised after finding out how they have transformed in an instant. Mold removal products that are available in the market can be applied to their colonies to see how they would react, and most of the time, the mold removal product will be enough to eliminate a whole colony of mold living inside the house.

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How molds develop inside a home

Molds love environments that are rich in moisture, and they can start growing inside the house if they found out that the moisture content in a specific location is high. They can also grow near dead plants and animals, because of the moisture that it gives off. The most susceptible areas inside your home would be the bathroom and the kitchen, because of the presence of water. However, they can also grow anywhere, and sometimes, you can spot them clinging on the walls and windows.

If you will leave damp cloth utensils that have been used in the sink, molds will grow on them within two days. If these molds are not removed, they will corrode the utensils and the cloth, and they will be too difficult to remove. If your house is made of wood, you would notice that it is easier to find molds in most places inside your home, because wood is still an organic material and molds love to thrive in these environments, especially if it is damp. Over time, these molds would also multiply, and they will be releasing spores that would allow them to dominate and colonize your home. If you leave a small colony of mold inside your wooden home and leave it for a month, you will be surprised how fast they will grow and expand inside.

What happens if mold colonies start to dominate your house?

The most susceptible buildings when it comes to molds are those that are made from wood. When overlooked, the molds can multiply at a fast rate, and the homes can be destroyed if it is not properly maintained. The molds will corrode the foundations of the house, as they keep on spreading. The mold colonies that will dominate the house will make it weaker, and later on, you will be surprised how devastating the effects might be. The food stored inside your home will also be affected by these molds, and you will notice that they will keep on popping everywhere as long as there is moisture present.

What you should do to keep them out of your property?

Mold removal products are the best things to use against these molds. Bleach, borax, and vinegar are materials found in your home that can be used against the molds. To remove their large colonies inside your home, apply a certain amount of bleach, borax or vinegar on a cloth and then slowly scrub them out. The chemicals present in these materials will kill off the molds, and it would prevent them from multiplying. The molds will also have a difficult time to go back because of the effects of the chemicals.

You can also call a professional mold removal contractor to help you out with your problem regarding mold growth. Aloha Restoration is one of the most reputable companies when it comes to services that include mold removal.

More About Aloha Restoration

Founded in 2015, Aloha Restoration is a home renovation and remodeling company based out of Lake Zurich, Illinois. It provides services including emergency Mold Removal, Water Removal, Fire Damage Cleanup, Smoke Restoration, and carpet cleaning, kitchen and bathroom remodeling, and basement finishing.  The company has received an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. Its team of contractors is fully licensed, bonded, and insured.

Aloha Restoration is a division of a larger company called Aloha Construction that has been giving back to the community since its founding over ten years ago.