Agents put “real” in today’s real estate market

Real estate agents in Colorado and nationwide are beginning to cut words like “cozy” and “quirky,” and calling properties what they really are: small and run-down.

Why it matters: The pandemic drove a surge of people to new places — many of whom purchased sight unseen — and thousands of new homebuyers say they now regret their decisions, the Wall Street Journal reported.

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What’s happening: A collection of realtors who recognize the problem are taking to YouTube and distinguishing themselves with a new genre of content in which they share painfully honest descriptions of listings.

Zoom in: Jamie Eklund, a real estate agent in northern Colorado, told the newspaper he’s committed to being “as honest with people” as possible about each property, including its drawbacks.

  • Greeley “smells like a farm town,” he says in a video. “If this is something that might bother you, you might want to reconsider.”

  • Breckenridge lacks indoor activities, he advises in another. “If you’re looking for concerts and inside venues, then [it] might not be for you.”

What they’re saying: People moving to new cities in the Centennial State appreciate the candor, including married retirees MJ and Gary Isaksen, who relocated to Greeley from Florida last year.

  • “We have not had days where we said [the smell] was terrible,” MJ said. “But we have had days where we’ll go outside and say, ‘Oh my.'”

  • Snow must be in the forecast.

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