Advantages of Having an Asphalt Shingle Roof in Grand Rapids Michigan

Advantages of Having an Asphalt Shingle Roof in Grand Rapids Michigan

It’s clear that the most preferred roofing material for homeowners in Grand Rapids Michigan is asphalt roofing shingles. It is versatile and weather-resistant and cost effective. The roof on your home is an important part of your home and when there is a problem it can put your entire home in jeopardy from a roof leak. With asphalt shingle roofing however, your home is protected and will be for many years with this popular roofing material.

Advantages of Having an Asphalt Shingle Roof in Grand Rapids Michigan

When compared to other roofing materials, asphalt roofing shingles really look great. For the most part, homes are covered with asphalt shingles. And while there are many different brands, designs, and qualities they all feature the same basic construction. A fiberglass mat that is encased in asphalt with other components added for protection against things such as UV rays, snow, algae, and more. The second most popular roofing materials used in Michigan is metal roofing which many of the comparisons below will use.

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How Versatile is the Roofing Material?

Asphalt shingles are the best choice if you need your roof to cover different angles and shapes of your property. This type of roofing material can be used with any kind of roof. Asphalt shingles will cover any roof, no matter how large or small. It is the best choice for any roofing. Unfortunately, asphalt roofing must be installed on pitched roofing. Flat roofing can not use asphalt shingles however slightly pitched roofing can sometimes use asphalt roll roofing for protection.

There are many design options

There are many architectural styles and design options available for asphalt shingles. They can be used with all types of homes. There are many options to choose the look that you would like for your home without any limitations. There are many colors available for asphalt shingles. This is great news for homeowners who want to choose the right color that matches the style and features of the home.

5 Tips to Find the Best Roof Contractor in Grand Rapids Michigan

High Quality at a Competitive Price

Asphalt shingles roofing is a great value for money. Asphalt shingles roofing is the best choice if you’re looking for high-quality, cost-effective roofing that won’t break the bank. You might be unsure how your roof will perform in an area with high winds and severe weather. Asphalt roofing is extremely durable so you don’t have to worry.

Hire a professional roofer for your asphalt shingle roof installation. He mounts a complete system including layers to make sure your roof is strong, durable, and energy-efficient. The best thing about asphalt roofing shingles is their energy-saving capabilities. There are many options. There are many options to choose from, including dark, medium, and light. This depends on the amount of infrared radiation that the roof should reflect to lower its surface temperature. This “cool” roofing allows residents to save significant energy, especially during sunny days.

Reduced Noise in the Home

This is something that many homeowners might not have realized, but asphalt roofing can help protect your home against external noise. You can rest assured that your roof will be protected from hailstorms and severe storms with complete sound insulation. Metal roofing is just the opposite. Heavy rains on metal roofing can be extremely loud inside the home.

Prevents Algae on the Roof

You’ve been using your roof for a while and know what algae can do to your roof. Algae can grow on wood materials, including roofs. This makes it look like a stubborn dark stain. This problem can be avoided with an asphalt shingle roof. Look for shingles that are built-in to resist algae development. These shingles will help protect your roof’s appearance and repel algae growth.

Repairs can be Inexpensive

Asphalt shingles are easy to install and very easy to repair. Some roofing contractors might be better at the job than others. It doesn’t really matter who you hire for the job. Asphalt roofing has the advantage that you can have different roofers fix it at any time. If you have a roof leak chances are it can be repaired the same day rather than waiting days or weeks on components which may be required with other roofing materials. If you’re considering a new roof on your home be sure to check into asphalt roofing shingles. Contact Grand Rapids Home Pros today to learn more about this popular roofing choice.

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