A Quick Guide to Herringbone Flooring


Herringbone flooring is one of the most popular home design ideas!


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It’s a classic flooring option that works well in both modern and traditional settings. Its name is derived from the skeleton of a herring fish and the spinal pattern. It comes in a variety of patterns, from various colors and tones to varied plank sizes.

Where to Use

Due to its exceptional applicability, our Herringbone laminate flooring may be utilized in practically any area in your household, from your open floor plan dining area to your modest room. The only place where you shouldn’t use our eye-catching Herringbone laminate is your restroom, as it isn’t water-resistant, which isn’t suitable for all the spills and splashing you’ll undoubtedly generate.


Before you begin installing your Herringbone, make very sure your bottom is level. You don’t want to get begun on your new floor only to realize it is unequal, forcing you to resume over.

Another aspect to check is humidity; the subfloor must be completely dry before any flooring can be installed. A moisture meter can be used to check your water content; you can buy one at most D.I.Y. stores or purchase one available on the internet. Your installer should be able to analyze the smoothness of your subfloor prior to installation and provide any recommendations for achieving a flatter surface.

Reason to select

We’ll go over a few of the strong reasons to consider of getting this flooring:

* Because of their great adaptability, timelessness, and variety of colorways, Herringbone floors are a must-consider for every interior design project.

* You won’t be worried about ruining a herringbone floor because it is typically fairly hard-wearing. This implies that as long as you don’t dump anything too hefty on the floor, it should last for a long period in your household.

* One of its most compelling reasons to install a herringbone floor in your apartment is that they are simple to maintain.

* Lastly, you will discover that herringbone wood floors are extremely affordable. Because of their durability, these flooring are expected to last a prolonged time and require little upkeep.

About Fitting

It’s generally a good idea to inform your installer ahead of time that your replacement flooring is Herringbone, as it isn’t the same as installing normal flooring; there are more components to fit altogether, and it’s a more complicated process. Because it takes longer, you should anticipate to pay a greater fee than you would for a normal floor installation.

Tools Required

It’s critical to collect all of the equipment and materials you’ll need for the floor construction. Boundary Flooring Strip, Chalk Line Tool, Apron Flooring Strips, Router, Rubber Mallet, Circular Saw, Rafter Squares, Measuring Tape, Spare Piece 3/4th inch Plywood, Floor Nailer, Screws, Flooring Nails, and others are some of the main instruments required


If you’re debating whether herringbone wood floors are suitable for you, you’re on the right track. If you care about the beauty of your home and want to make sure your design choices stand out and give you that “eye – catching” factor, herringbone wood floors are the way to go.


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