5 Creative Ways To Display Art In Your Home


Are you fond of collecting various art pieces, such as paintings, sculptures, weaving designs, photographs, collages, etc.? Do you know how to display them creatively and beautifully instead of hanging them in a boring way? 

Displaying artwork is one of the most crucial elements of home decorating. It allows you to express who you are, including your personality, mood, and creativity. Also, it’s the last process when moving to a new home, unless you want to change the look of your pieces now and then. 

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However, searching for an artwork that conveys who you are may take time until you feel that it’s the perfect one. To some people, art is a personal emotion. So, start by knowing your preferred style, color, size, medium, and budget. You may have to visit your local art galleries and open studios if you support local art. You may also consider purchasing art pieces when you travel from different countries to have a piece of memory you can treasure forever.

Many homeowners also wonder how and where to display art in their homes. And for that, you may consider the following creative ways of exhibiting your art pieces at home below:

1. Display Your Art Collection Using Racks

If you visit a legitimate art collector and painter, you’ll notice that most of their art pieces are not hanging on the wall. It is partly because there are so many pieces to hang on the wall at once. But many would say that using display racks is much better and more creative as they give a library vibe, not for books but paintings.

Essentially, using racks effectively maximizes the use of space without the crowded appearance. It allows you to display multiple portraits of paintings creatively and efficiently. With that, here are some types of racks you might want to know:

  • Tile Display Racks: These are the racks you see when buying wood, stone, or ceramic tiles at the tile shop. You can use tile display racks to display your paintings and avoid an overcrowded look. This way, you allow your visitors to look at your art collection like a magazine.
  • Lateral Mobile Racks: These are large screen racks perfect for those who want to create a mini art museum in their homes. Also, these are a great way to organize an art collection due to their easy-access features. 
  • Page-Turning Display Racks: Such racks are creatively designed to mimic the process of opening and turning a page of a book. It’s like a giant magazine filled with photographs, paintings, canvases, etc. These are perfect for those who want to take their art displays to the next level.
  • V-Shaped Racks: These are simple art racks you can place in every corner of your house. The best way to use these is by arranging paintings chronologically from smallest to biggest—a creative way to accentuate and elevate every part of your house.

Just a piece of advice, V-shaped and tile racks are enough for small art collections, probably around five to ten pieces.

white bookshelf with art displays

2. Display Your Art On A Bookshelf

Bookshelves are an excellent way to display photograph-sized art pieces. You can print your favorite art collection, put it on a frame, and display it on your bookshelves at different angles. However, you might want to avoid placing your art pieces side by side. You may position them randomly on your shelves to add more creativity, dimension, and accent to your décor.

Another creative tip, you may display an art frame or canvas on the façade of the bookshelf. Since it may cover some shelves in the process, you may vacate those areas or store books you rarely read or finish reading. This technique can help make your mini library, dens, and living room more gorgeous and unique.

3. Mix And Match Different Art Pieces

If you’re not a fan of minimalist and simplistic design, you may try mixing and matching art pieces that would perfectly complement each other’s color and style. You may combine different materials, such as wood, canvas, and metal. 

In addition, you may consider putting old items, such as architectural salvages and tickets, in a frame for a gallery-like ambiance and tone. Having a clock and bust of famous people would also be a good combination with books and other materials.

Also, don’t forget your coffee tables. You may place a pile of books, around three to four, and add something nice to top it, such as a small flower vase or a framed photo. 

4. Level Up The Corners Of Your Home With Artworks

Don’t forget your corners and take them to the next level with fabulous artwork. Take advantage of the L-shaped corners by hanging framed art pieces or canvases, creating a focal point that grabs the attention of your guests.

Additionally, you may use small photos or art pieces and hang them in a way that creates a shape, like a heart, circle, etc. You may also place a small desk with floral ornaments to accentuate or liven up the area. Adding a pile of books will also work perfectly.

5. Layer Your Artwork

Instead of hanging your paintings, framed photographs, and canvases, you may layer your artwork for easy access. It can quickly transform the appearance of your room. You may lean an art piece on the wall and place a smaller one in front. Having around two to three overlapping art pieces is enough to showcase creativity. 

Another tip you can consider is if you have large pieces of artwork, you can mount them on the floor and have another smaller art piece that overlaps it. 

Final Words

Displaying various art pieces is one of the best ways to give your room an upgrade. When choosing artwork, dive deeper into your personality, and you’ll discover the right one for you. Once you have picked the perfect art piece, it’s time to display them creatively and enticingly.

You can use racks to display your items and transform your simple collection into a museum-like ambiance. Other tips include displaying artwork on bookshelves, mixing and matching art forms, and layering art pieces.

Furthermore, don’t limit yourself to these tips. Instead, get your creativity flowing until you find the perfect style that fits who you are.


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