6 Winter Health Tips to Keep You Happy and Healthy This Season

Winter is coming, and that means we have to change the way we take care of ourselves to stay happy and healthy this season. Winter means colder weather, rain, and potentially snow depending on where you live. This can bring about seasonal depression and illnesses that we should be diligent to both be aware of and protect ourselves against. Staying healthy and happy in the winter can be tough for some, but you can start developing habits and setting up your space to be more winter friendly ahead of time. Even with just a few changes to your habits, you can start building your anticipation for the winter months and even get excited to hunker down and get cozy in your home. To get started, check out these six tips that will help make you happier and healthier during the dark, colder months of winter. 


When it comes to keeping your atmosphere at home comfortable, humidifiers for home use are a great way to keep the air fresh. Many don’t know this, but moisture in the air actually goes down during winter. Many find that they experience more dry mucus and dehydration during winter and that’s because cold air holds less moisture than warm air. A humidifier for home will help alleviate some of this dryness and help you feel more comfortable day and night. 

Get Your Flu Shot

Winter means that airborne illnesses like colds and the flu will be on the rise as more people gather indoors and spread more germs from one person to another. Now is the perfect time to get situated with a flu shot and any additional vaccines to prepare for spikes in illness as November and December come into view. Make an appointment to get your flu shot now, you won’t regret avoiding an obnoxious and potentially dangerous illness! 

Stay Active 

As much as possible, stay active during the winter. For many, the darker months ignite depressive symptoms because of a lack of sunlight and reduced outdoor activities like hiking, swimming, running, or biking. Winter and fall are great times for lengthy walks in the brisk air or for visiting your local gym. Whatever your preferred method of exercise is, make sure to engage in it fervently as the winter months arrive. Staying active will keep your dopamine and serotonin levels up which will help combat seasonal depression symptoms. 


Because the winter months are atmospherically drier than summer, it’s important to stay hydrated. What’s odd is that winter months don’t always feel like they’re dry with more rain and clouds in the air, but cooler air holds less moisture than warm air. While rain might be falling to the ground, that water isn’t necessarily flowing through the air we breathe. It’s easy to forget to drink enough water in the winter and dehydration can sneak up quickly. Be sure to hydrate diligently as winter approaches. 

Eat Well

Eat well and heartily this winter! Cozy, warm meals are the way to go to make sure you are getting enough nutrients and energy to stay warm and get through each day. Take some time to plan meals and set recipes for yourself that will help you feel warm and cozy when you sit down to eat each evening. Warm dinners are a great way to stay happy and healthy during the winter. 

Get Cozy 

Most importantly, get cozy this winter. Making your home a comfortable place to be is essential for feeling safe, warm, and cozy this season. Deck your home out with warm blankets, sweaters, warm treats like hot chocolate, and space heaters to keep colder rooms warmer. When you have all the comforts you need at home, winter can become something you look forward to rather than something you dread during the warm summer months. 


Winter is just another season, always remember that as we enter the colder months of the year. With that being said, it’s easy to get bogged down in the darkness and succumb to feelings of depression. The weather is cold, the days are shorter, and that can make us feel more tired and out of it during the day. Set your apartment up with a humidifier, get your flu shot, stay hydrated, eat well, and make sure your home is a cozy place to relax this winter. Most importantly, make sure you make time to exercise and stay active during the winter. Lapse in activity can lead to even more seasonal depression, so make sure you start a routine for yourself this season. 

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